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Top 8 smart home technology gadgets

These gadgets are not only fancy for a modern home, but they also provide solutions to everyday issues. Even better, their improved functions and modern design helps to reduce human effort around your home, while conserving space.

With advancements in technology, cool smart home gadgets are hitting the market every day intending to make our lives easier. These gadgets are not only fancy for a modern home, but they also provide solutions to everyday issues. Even better, their improved functions and modern design helps to reduce human effort around your home, while conserving space. 

Here are eight smart gadgets that might be worth buying in 2020.

1. Wireless Window/ Door Sensor

When around your home, smart devices allow you to use your smartphone to do more than have fun with igaming apps which covers the best betting apps for 2020, or receiving calls and messages. With a wireless window or door sensor, you’ll get alerts on your smartphone whenever an intrusive activity is detected. You can also use your smart sensor to check whether your doors and windows are closed from anywhere in the world.

2. Smart Vacuum Cleaners

For easier cleaning around hard floor or carpet, a smart vacuum cleaner is what you need. You can buy a vacuum robot cleaner from Ecovacs, or try a smart cordless stick like the Dyson V11 Torque Drive. These smart vacuums not only make cleaning seamless but also saves you time when cleaning.

3. Wireless LED Light Bulbs

With intelligent light bulbs like the Philips Hue LED system, home lighting has become more convenient than ever. Such smart lighting systems will help you say goodbye to the on/off wall switch, allowing you to control everything from your smartphone. The bulbs are suited for both your home and your office.

4. Smart Faucets

Using a smart faucet around your home can you save up to 15,000 gallons of water per year. That not only lowers your water costs, but it also helps to conserve water sources. Even better, a smart faucet is contamination-free and hygienic, since there’s no need to touch the valves. That also makes it well-suited for the disabled, children and the elderly.

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5. Solar-Powered Path Lights

Solar-powered outdoor lights are an eco-friendly solution for lighting your garden paths. These lights use solar energy power, helping to conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill costs. Smart solar-powered lights can also be programmed to automatically light when it’s dark and go off at dawn.

6. Wireless Smart Speakers

With a standalone wireless speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot, you can wirelessly stream music from any service online. The speaker comes with a simple, minimalistic look, and the inbuilt microphone when it comes to picking up voice commands. As such, this smart speaker can save you space in your house while offering you great flexibility. 

7. Thermal Leak Detector

A thermal leak detector helps you to detect leaks in your home and fix the insulation. It’s an efficient way to monitor the windows, ducts and other vulnerable insulation spots. As such, you can save up to 20% in cooling and heating bills.

8. Shower Meter

If you’re struggling to conserve both water and energy around your house, the Amphiro A1 water meter might come in handy. This self-powered meter can conveniently save you up to 8500 liters of water and 440 kWh of energy every year. Even better, it doesn’t require any tool to install.


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