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Sonos introduces new speakers, Sonos Era 100, Era 300 and Move 2

Sonos continues its commitment to reinventing sonic experiences through first-of-its-kind technology and impeccable design, allowing users to fill a room with rich sound.

Sonos, the wireless home sound system brand, introduces three new audio devices to fill your experiences with astonishingly brilliant and clear sound – the Sonos Era 100, Era 300 and Move 2. With these innovations, Sonos continues its commitment to reinventing sonic experiences through first-of-its-kind technology and impeccable design, allowing users to fill a room with rich sound.

Sonos Era 100: Next-Gen Acoustics with New Connections

Transform any room with next-generation acoustics and soundscapes through the Sonos Era 100, now with Bluetooth, WiFi and Airplay connections. With this new device, elevate your entertainment experience with audio brought to life, thanks to finely tuned stereo sound and rich basslines.

The Sonos Era 100 offers different touch and hands-free controls, such as Bluetooth, WiFi and auxiliary cable enabled connections, and through the Sonos App. Weighing just over 2kg, Sonos Era 100’s size allows users to place the speaker in any part of the room, and even pair with a second device for an even more immersive audio experience.

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Despite its compact design, the Sonos Era 100 packs a punch to allow sound to permeate your surroundings. Powering the Sonos Era 100 to create a full sonic experience include two angled tweeters, which balance left and right frequencies; a midwoofer 25% larger than in the Sonos One for rich bass; and custom waveguides to amplify soundwaves. Users can easily control and adjust their soundscapes, like volume, bass, and treble, through intuitive touch controls or through the Sonos App.

Sonos Era 300: Feel Next-Level Audio from Every Direction

For users clamoring for a more immersive spatial audio experience, the Sonos Era 300 is the perfect device. With six optimally positioned drivers across the front, sides and top, the speaker supports Dolby Atmos quality sound, filling up the room with every note of music in every direction.

Adding to the clean aesthetic of any home while simultaneously enabling a realistic surround sound experience, the Sonos Era 300 boasts a first of-its-kind design, balancing visual appeal with the pioneering technical specs. Inside the device are four tweeters meant to ensure faithful playback across a range of frequencies, from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling fully enveloping the space. Dual woofers and custom waveguides round out the interior specs for a balanced bassline and widely spaced audio output.

The Sonos Era 300 supports a variety of connections through Bluetooth, WiFi, auxiliary cable, touch controls and more, allowing you to hold the command over bass, frequencies, volume and more. Easy to set up just like all Sonos devices, users can customize their sonic experience with two Era 300 devices for a fuller, clearer sound across the room, or mount with elegant accessories.

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Sonos Move 2: Heart Pumping Stereo Sound Wherever, Whenever

Take sound that moves you wherever you go with the Sonos Move 2. With upgraded specs, Sonos’ most powerful portable device is designed to power your soundtrack for any activity, whether indoors or outdoors. The Sonos Move 2 adjusts and optimizes sound based on the acoustics of its location, giving you the best soundscapes wherever you are.

Among its upgrades include a more powerful battery, allowing users to enjoy up to 24 hours of non-stop playback. Plus, its Wireless Charging Base with a more compact adapter makes charging more convenient. The Sonos Move 2 boasts 30% more energy efficiency and also comes with a replaceable battery, extending the life of the speaker.

Inside the Move 2, the new and improved acoustic architecture includes dual angles tweeters for stunning sound on each side and one midwoofer with precisely-tuned basslines. The portable speaker also comes with a durable design that’s perfect for all your outdoor adventures. It boasts not only IP56 rating for dust and water resistance, but is also made with shock-absorbent materials to protect the device from drops. At just 3kg, the speaker is easy to bring along for all your getaways.

The Sonos System

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At the heart of the Sonos system is its easy setup through the Sonos App. Thanks to wireless connectivity, setting up your Sonos devices takes mere minutes. All you need to do is plug your device, turn it on, connect it to WiFi or Bluetooth and open the app to start listening to your favorite song or watching a new TV show. Through the app or through voice activation, users can also control volume, bass levels and more.

Sonos devices and its app also make the audio experience more personalized. Users can not only connect different Sonos devices to create one sound system, but also play different audio tracks in each speaker. Plus, the app makes connecting to other entertainment or streaming services much simpler, allowing you to elevate the home entertainment system according to your preferences. Through Sonos, you can put on a working playlist in one room, while others can enjoy a thrilling movie in the next.

Each Sonos speaker also incorporates responsible design, as the brand takes conscious steps towards reducing its overall climate impact with more efficient hardware and software. The Era 100 uses 42% less energy than the Sonos One when idle, while both the Era 100 and Era 300 are made with 40% post consumer-recycled plastics. Sonos devices also come with 100% recyclable exterior and interior packaging.

Pre-order or Purchase a Sonos Device Today
Making surround sound for the home more attainable, Mod Audio Philippines has implemented new pricing schemes across its offerings, including the three new Sonos speakers. Head to your nearest Mod Audio store to test and purchase your new home sound system today.

The Sonos Era 100 is available for purchase at Php16,990 via Mod Audio Philippines’ stores and Lazada page, as well as through official retail partners Power Mac Center and SM Appliance Center.

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Meanwhile, the Sonos Era 300 and Move 2 are available for pre-order at a retail price of Php 31,990 and Php 30,990 respectively. To reserve your device, simply send a message via Mod Audio Philippines’ Facebook or Instagram pages.

With Sonos devices, you have everything you need to experience brilliant sound whenever, wherever.

Sonos devices are available at Mod Audio Stores in 3F Podium and 2F IKEA Mall of Asia, as well as through Lazada, Power Mac Center and SM Appliance Center. For more information and inquiries, visit, follow Mod Audio on Instagram and Facebook, or contact 0917 503 2734 or 0933 813 3906.

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