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Power of personalized learning highlighted by FEU TECH’s iCARE

FEU TECH has iCARE, a progressive solution that focuses on students’ well-being, including academic and mental health concerns that would otherwise be unaddressed and dismissed in more traditional learning environments.

Studying Civil Engineering at the height of the pandemic, FEU TECH student Gilbert Vinarao struggled with his calculus subjects. Upon transitioning back to face-to-face learning, he had to take a diagnostic exam to gauge his mastery of derivatives and integrals.

This is a universal story for all college students who abruptly shifted to online learning. Like Gilbert, other FEU TECH students faced challenges in grasping complex lessons while studying behind computer screens.

“Nung first time ko bumalik sa face-to-face setup, nag-announce na magkakaroon ng diagnostic exam (DE). Alam ko sa sarili ko na ‘di sapat ang kaalaman ko sa Calculus 1 and 2, at kailangan kong baguhin study habits ko para sa second take ng DE,” he explains.

Luckily, FEU TECH has iCARE, a progressive solution that focuses on students’ well-being, including academic and mental health concerns that would otherwise be unaddressed and dismissed in more traditional learning environments.

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Learning in different ways

Not all students learn the same way.

FEU TECH’s iCARE understands this and offers innovative learning approaches, study environments, and support ecosystems with online and in-campus operations.

Firstly, iCARE provides on-demand specialized training for academically challenged students. This can come in forms of early intervention before major exams and additional learning materials that break down course subjects into easier-to-digest concepts.

Electronics Engineering student Fhaez Michael C. Almero attests to iCARE’s solution in overcoming academic challenges. He also highlights the program’s personalized assistance in addressing learning gaps. “Hindi ako makakapasa ng Calculus 1 kung hindi dahil sa extra knowledge, practices at tests na offered ng iCARE. Because they know how to help students like me na nahihirapan sa subject na iyon.I know na ‘di ako makakakuha ng passing grades without their efforts,” he says.

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Secondly, iCARE opens its doors for individualized learning experiences through personalized tutorials and consultations.

For Leslie John C. Mendiola, a student navigating the complexities of Data Science, iCARE’s tailored support and dedicated lecturers helped in times of academic uncertainty. “The outstanding teaching, friendly environment, one-on-one and group support, and wealth of resources offered by iCARE were instrumental in helping me not only pass my course but thrive in areas where I was weak,” Leslie shares.

Angelica Prado’s shift from Accountancy to Civil Engineering also needed a more personalized learning approach, which iCARE provided to support a gap in her learning curve. “Transitioning from HUMSS to BS Accountancy to BS Civil Engineering was really hard for me, but iCARE fostered an environment where I can ask about confusing topics openly.”

Thirdly, iCARE fosters collaboration, participation, and knowledge sharing through peer-to-peer apprenticeship.

John Andrew Balbarosa, a Computer Science major, shares his experience of finding a second home within iCARE. “It became one of my go-to places if I wanted to hang out and study with my friends. We usually do our review sessions here, but you can also use the facility to do assignments,” he reflects.

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With accessible resources like computers, charging ports, and whiteboards, iCARE provides a conducive environment for collaborative learning and growth.

Ralph Seyrol Cabuga and Paolo Cruz, both pursuing Civil Engineering, echo the sentiment of iCARE’s invaluable role in their academic pursuits. Ralph reminisces about the inclusive atmosphere of iCARE, while Paolo emphasizes the program’s commitment to organized review sessions and supportive staff, essential in navigating the rigorous demands of their field.

Similarly, Crister Lei Tolentino and Simon Michael Castillo, both in Computer Engineering, credit iCARE with their academic growth. Crister found motivation and developed new study habits through iCARE’s resources and community, while Simon conquered the hurdles of Calculus with targeted review classes and expert instruction.

An inclusive and proactive learning ecosystem

Traditional learning environments can be a one-way street.

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Students are taught by professors and given written exams to test their knowledge. But iCARE fosters a 360 degree learning approach where students can be tutored by their peers or professors of their choice.

In 2023, iCARE launched the Tatak iCARE Program in support of the Peer Tutorial Services. Students can meet with peer tutors for one-on-one or small group discussions. The pool of tutors includes selected FEU Tech Elite Scholars and iCARE Junior Associates–graduating students who chose iCARE as their internship project.

This is beneficial for students who are demotivated and with low self-esteem. In the company of their peers, some become more open in asking questions and sharing their struggles, as it is common to see students discussing academic problems among themselves.

FEU TECH also supports iCARE’s iMotivate Program, where notable alumni and professionals are invited to deliver motivational talks and inspire a positive and creative culture and learning environment for both students and faculty members.

A holistic and hyper-personalized student journey

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Every student journey is unique.

As a university, FEU TECH believes focusing on student feedback is the core source of improving iCARE’s service and programs. Though the educational landscape is constantly evolving, hyper-personalization is a learning bedrock for iCARE.

In time, FEU TECH envisions a more comprehensive roadmap that caters to every step of the student journey–from the time they enter university to the time they build their professional careers. After all, their tagline says it all: “Always for the students, iCARE for you.”

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