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Token News, a Hong Kong-based ICO advisory firm opens office in PH

Now, with the government’s openness coupled with the country’s bullish economic outlook, Token News HK Ltd. (Token News), a Hong Kong-based ICO (initial coin offering) advisory company, has entered the Philippine market, buoyed by the prospects of good business as the country aligns itself in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Token News Philippines, a branch of Token News Hong Kong,  has recently opened its new office at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City, Metro Manila, dedicated to spreading and propagating knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency among Filipinos, focused not on how much is the prices to the dollar of digital money but as a nascent technology that brings many benefits to a country and its citizens.

Yuki Takarabe, CEO of Token News Phils. said Token News engages in crypto-media activities through seminars and workshops; accepts packaged articles; provides consultancy to companies doing ICO and help them listed in exchanges in various countries; mining of cryptocoins; and development of tokens.

“We have many lawyers and experts; we can help companies in promoting them,” he assured, like promotion in Japan and in listing companies in crypto exchanges across the world.

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Between 100 and 200 companies, he said, seek Token News HK Ltd. to consult on issues involving legal, security of the code, and media promotions, and others.

Aside from opening its new office here in the country, Token News Phils. has also launched seven new projects here dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  These companies are as follows: Unaity, Coincome, Mining Data Lab Inc., Acute Angle Cloud, Quanta, Infinito Wallet and Angelium.

Infinito Wallet

Positioned as the world’s first universal wallet, Infinito Wallet is the leading universal wallet, which offers an extending list of leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, GAS, Dash, ETC, and Dogecoin. It also supports all tokens on ETH ERC20, NEO NEP-5, EOS and more to come on its roadmap. Infinito Wallet is from Infinity Blockchain Labs, a leading blockchain research and development (R&D) company that is focused on fully compliant collabrorations, products and services. They form alliances with established businesses and regulatory institutions across industries and provide incubation for early stage blockchain projects.


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Coincome is based in the United Kingdom. It is known as the world’s first distributed cashback site. It has its own token called CIM which is earn when using Coincome services. CIM is a highly liquid cryptocurrency that can be used in real life situations. In the age of the blockchain, Coincome provides a place to earn tokens without any risk.


If you like taking chances on Lotteryy, this is something to try your luck. Quanta is the world’s first fully licensed Blockchain Lottery. It runs on the breakthrough Ethereum blockchain technology. Quanta promises to transform the conventional Lottery for the better; its decentralized global network not only provides safety and credibility to players and operators but also democratizes the experience by making it available to people regardless of border or economic status. People are now able to enjoy a transparent, fully-autonomous, and manipulation-proof gaming experience.


A “World Without Borders” is Unaity’s battle cry; it seeks to unite the world through language. It is still in the development stage, and it is being developed as the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence assistance. It is being designed to be accurate translation/interpretation, cultural integration and appropriate communication, understanding of context, and problem solving capability. A Unaity White Paper is being prepared.

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Beijing Acute Angle Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Acute Angle was established on April 27, 2016, focusing on value-added services such as blockchain technology innovation and cloud computing. Its core team is equipped with technical and independent R&D (research and development) experience and works in researching blockchain technology, especially public blockchain applications and cloud computing. Acute Angle Network and the Singapore non-profit organization Acute Angle Foundation struck a deal to cooperate in providing development for its blockchain technology.

Mining Data Lab

Some of its services include crypto mining, sales of mining machine, development of blockchain, among others.

Angelium (are you ready for this?)

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Warning: This is not for the prude. Angelium is a blockchain-based cyber sexual platform. That should be saying a lot already. It has its own digital money called Angel Token. Here’s what the company says about the future of the adult industry:

  • By 2030 most people will experience virtual sex.
  • By 2030, VR contact lenses will become more common.
  • By 2030, recording and collecting feeling of sex will become possible.
  • In 2050, sex with a robot will be more common.


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