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Radenta and Microsoft Azure help cloud adoption

Radenta Technologies and Microsoft announced that they’re offering Microsoft Azure.

Radenta Technologies and Microsoft announced that they’re offering Microsoft Azure, which is currently the most comprehensive, efficient and cost effective cloud computing service for all enterprise.

A November 2020 survey (“The Role of Cloud in Asia and Confidence in Asian Innovation”) by Alibaba Cloud showed that, among 1,000 businesses in the Philippines, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Indonesia, cloud computing is becoming an integral part of commerce.

Here are the major takeaways from the Philippine respondents:

  • 94% of businesses said that cloud-based IT solutions are crucial in navigating the pandemic.
  • 88% said they are now more supportive of using cloud-based IT solutions to grow their businesses as compared to before COVID-19.
  • 51% responded that they adopted more cloud-based IT solutions in response to the impact of COVID19.
  • 80% of IT decision makers believe that Asian vendors are able to offer better cloud solutions.

How does a business start its journey into the cloud? It is best to start with pilot projects that align with the common benefits of cloud migration.

Radenta Technologies offers five different ways to utilize Microsoft Azure:

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  • End-of-support technologies: this can be an excellent place to start your cloud migration updates, if you have a workload that runs on a product nearing its end-of-support.
  • Datacenter exit: If you have a datacenter contract that is about to expire, it is worth identifying what applications you are running on those servers, and using those as a starting point for your cloud migration.
  • Simple apps with low complexity: Applications that are not mission critical and that have few dependencies are another smart place to start your migration. You can identify dependencies by using dependency analysis in Azure Migrate. It features tools and services that support the assessment and migration steps of your cloud migration journey including a cloud migration checklist.
  • Enabling a remote workforce: Azure Virtual Desktop is a good pilot project so teams can work securely even when offsite. It combines the scale, security and cost benefits of Azure and Microsoft 365 for a secure remote desktop from virtually anywhere.
  • Development and testing: Azure Virtual Machinesor Azure Virtual DevTest Labs are image service instances that provide on-demand and scalable computing resources with usage-based pricing. It behaves like a server and can be likened to a computer within a computer. It helps you achieve efficiency and save cost when you run your dev/test environment.

According to Michelle Lasam, Radenta’s Microsoft Line of Business Manager: “Digital transformation is possible, that’s what we learned in the last 2 years. We experienced digital growth worth 10 years packed in those years that we had to be isolated from each other. We should continue embracing cloud technology, maybe not as fast but in a steady pace not just for productivity and efficiency but also for a smarter and greener community.”

Let Radenta show you the best way to move to the cloud. Call 0919-085-8241, email or visit


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