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7 Common elements found in viral YouTube videos

Though any YouTube video can go viral, you can’t control virality as it depends on the video’s concept and the people watching it. Luckily, while there’s no perfect formula to create a viral YouTube video, you can mix together some elements to make your video a success.

Viral YouTube videos are like the Holy Grail for brands, marketers, and content creators alike. It’s because these videos make the advertising effective and look authentic to the viewers.

However, though any YouTube video can go viral, you can’t control virality as it depends on the video’s concept and the people watching it. Luckily, while there’s no perfect formula to create a viral YouTube video, you can mix together some elements to make your video a success.

According to research, YouTube remains the best global video-sharing platform with 122 million daily active users and 2.3 billion monthly users. With these numbers, there’s no doubt why many people aim to create viral YouTube videos to gain exposure and widen their reach.

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to take advantage of those numbers or an average individual who is trying to gain more subscribers, here are the common elements found in viral YouTube videos:

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1. Storytelling

One of the many reasons people use a YouTube downloader app is to download viral YouTube videos that feel like mini-movies. Instead of the usual commercials to market a product or service, most YouTube videos that go viral are like short films that tell a story. It’s because storytelling makes people relate to the message, keeping them coming back for more.

2. Humor

One of the common but hardest elements to incorporate in viral YouTube videos is humor. For a video to go viral on YouTube, it can’t only be moderately funny as it should be extremely humorous. However, you have to remember that not all people have the same sense of humor. Therefore, you need to consider general acceptance.

As a content creator, you can add humor to your videos in various ways. Never focus on using jokes only. Try to understand what makes people laugh and keep things simple. For example, you can consider using characters with funny facial expressions. You may even consider creating a parody for your videos. To get better results, know your audience and incorporate humor wisely.

3. Universality

Nothing makes a YouTube video go viral more than broad appeal and universality. Universal appeal means creating videos addressing niche or trending topics. If your viewers are familiar with your context, and you’re using simple language, your clip doesn’t need further context to go viral. With your video’s universal appeal, it’ll be the next hit on the internet.

4. Short And Sweet

Another common element found in viral YouTube videos is their short duration. In today’s digital world, you only have a few seconds to capture one’s attention. It’s because most people have short attention spans.

In addition, viral YouTube videos go viral because they’re quickly and easily consumable. Aside from getting the gist fast, you can also watch them anytime and anywhere. So, if you want to generate views and make your videos viral, you need to keep them short but sweet.

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5. Emotions

Emotion is another common element found in viral YouTube videos. Achievements, happiness, sadness, and other kinds of emotions can make your videos relatable. If your viewers relate to your videos, they’ll be more inclined to watch them, which may also encourage them to share on various platforms. Once your videos are shared across every platform, they’ll tend to go viral.

So, if you want to create a viral video on YouTube, focus on emotions. It won’t only give your videos a lasting experience, but your audience will feel more connected to your brand too.

6. Excellent Production Value

The other element of viral YouTube videos is good production value. If your video is low quality and doesn’t look good, you can’t expect it to go viral. Viewers will only notice your video if you deliver high-quality content.

So, investing in an excellent production value can be the key to making your videos go viral. Videos that look and sound good add to the appeal of your overall concept, making people notice your content and share it with others.

7. Element Of Surprise

With the countless online videos, it’s hard to produce a YouTube video that’ll go viral. For this reason, don’t forget to add an element of surprise. This will give your videos a competitive edge, making them stand out.

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Surprising your viewers with something unexpected can also make your videos memorable. Plus, it’ll spark a conversation among your audience, giving it the potential to go viral.

You can add an element of surprise in many ways. You don’t need to use jump scares or horror to surprise your audience. Instead, use an element of surprise strategically by incorporating an unexpected change or emotional turn that will help how your YouTube videos resonate with your audience. Just don’t go overboard and avoid using ear-piercing sounds.


Having a viral YouTube video can benefit your business or personal channel in many ways. Even if there’s no secret ingredient to creating viral YouTube videos, combining the above elements will surely make your video successful. Just incorporate every element wisely in your video to get the best possible results.

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