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Meet EcoFlow: The portable power station brand contributed energy to be ready for every situation

Founded in 2017, EcoFlow strives to reinvent the way people everywhere access power by creating smart, sustainable, and powerful energy storage products.

Portable power stations today come in all shapes and sizes, and are virtually available for purchase everywhere via online and offline channels. But not every one of those power stations boast the innovative capabilities of  EcoFlow, which currently holds the title for fastest charging technology by charging from 0~80% within an hour.

Founded in 2017, EcoFlow strives to reinvent the way people everywhere access power by creating smart, sustainable, and powerful energy storage products. To top the list of their impressive feats, EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro and DELTA Max broke crowdfunding platform Kickstarter’s record for “Most Funded Tech Project” in September by raising over $12 million during its 2-month campaign.

DELTA Series

DELTA mini

EcoFlow’s main product lines of DELTA and RIVER are power stations that equip the consumer with an industrial amount of clean, quiet, and renewable power for life adventures, work, and home backup power. Depending on the workload and its purpose, EcoFlow’s products are utilizable in various situations like emergencies (home backup power, disaster relief, medical services), outdoors (road trips, camping, festivals), and even professional uses (DIY/Construction, Filmmaking/Photography, Event Production).

EcoFlow’s products use incomparable innovative technology patents such as the ‘X-Boost’, which makes the power stations capable of running large output appliances with ease, and the ‘X-Stream’, which allows the recharge rate to be at speeds that are 10 times faster than the speed of most portable power stations in the market. The BMS (Battery Management System) of the products measure real-time voltage, current, and temperature precisely and conditions the battery for best performance with intelligent algorithms. Most importantly, EcoFlow aims to truly become a sustainable and eco-friendly product by including 110W & 160W solar panels made up of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, which recharge the portable power stations itself. Solar energy by using the solar panels would be a perfect replacement especially when gas and oil prices have increased dramatically in recent months. In any case, an EcoFlow charger provides fast, reliable, and sustainable power that can be accessed any time, anywhere.

RIVER Series

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RIVER mini

In the Philippines, EcoFlow has been able to support and donate some of their products to Lokal.Lab, an NGO that works to create equal access to sustainable lifestyles and opportunities for local communities. Moreover, their portable power stations were donated by EcoFlow to be used to help Ugnayan ng Pahniungod Manila, a doctor’s group that were on their way to Samar to provide medical support to those affected by the typhoon. In both cases, EcoFlow’s portable power stations were used to power up essential electrical devices in areas where access to electricity was not available.

The various types of products are sold on/off-line in the Philippines now. To know more please visit or email

In 2022 stay tuned for more new products that EcoFlow is going to offer for a better experience for both the Philippines and all people around the world.

EcoFlow products are currently available in the Philippines. You may visit online at


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