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Design techniques used by online casinos to attract customers

If the casino web site has a great design, then the customers will for sure appreciate it. The web sites will have to be composed of that glamour which we find in the Vegas casinos, and also be responsive, fun, and unique.

Online casinos use as many techniques as needed to attract new customers. From all kinds of bonuses to great marketing, and from social media to digital marketing strategies and mobile apps, everything works.

Apart from these, it is essential to have smooth, professional and attractive design. People enjoy a web site that has a responsive construction, and a world class design that contributes to the friendly experience. 

Maybe that is not the only thing that matters when picking right the Best Online Casino, but it is definitely one of the best first impressions. 

If the casino web site has a great design, then the customers will for sure appreciate it. The web sites will have to be composed of that glamour which we find in the Vegas casinos, and also be responsive, fun, and unique.

These being said, there are a few important design techniques which together build up the aesthetics of the web site. It must be simple, but modern, easy to use, but futuristic.

Make it easy to use

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An important aspect of the web site is the layout. This has to be easy to use, and generally make it straight to the point. 

The customers enter the web site to bet, play, and have fun, not to scroll or search the game they want to play. If doing so is boring and takes too much time, the customers may leave. 

A good design means the customers will find what they search for as soon as they enter the site. And the truth is the majority of them only want to get faster to the games and start playing.

This means that any other information may be placed after the games section, for the very interested players to scroll and search it.

The design must make for a responsive web site

Then again, the site must be very responsive, so the design has to take into account the navigation through the online casino. A quick and easy navigation is the key in most cases.

Mobile devices account for an increasing part of the casino players, so apart from being easy to use, a web site (and then also an app) has to be responsive for all devices. And this is in part a designer’s job.

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What does that mean? Well, if we speak about mobile devices, then the images, the text, multimedia and so on have to adjust the size to the screen of the device. The secret in doing so is an excellent design.

Watch for the colors

A web designer must also mind the colors used and the color scheme, and also work for color coordination.

Knowing how to make use of the psychology of colors will make the difference – for example, why to use red, blue or black when designing. 

The right colors are associated with the brand, but also persuades the players to try a game or another, depending on what they are searching for. Red means more passion than blue, which inspires relaxation and safety. Also, black represents prestige and exclusivity. 

Follow the modern design principles

And what design to use, then? There are themes like blue with images of a game placed in a hot city, red and black with some poker cards (especially aces), black with the image of a gentleman in a smoked tuxedo, yellow and black with images of casino games, or green and red with an image of craps. When choosing images, think of the most popular games, Las Vegas city night landscapes, gold items, or a games table.

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All these design principles can apply, as long as an important rule is followed: The design must remain modern, simple, stylish, and not flashy and many lights. Also, settle for a single theme and pay attention to uniformity and consistency.

The graphics have to be flat, and the fonts easy to read. While great ideas are encouraged, the main principle is to keep a touch of simplicity for an online casino web site. 


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