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Apprehend assets for better mortgage scheme

Don’t let any loan institution take advantage of you just because you don’t know the value of the asset that you own.

A mortgage is when you make your asset as collateral for a loan that you are applying. If you are applying for a home loan, the bank or lender will use the property you are going to purchase as the collateral of the mortgage. The same goes if you want to buy a vehicle or other property which can be used as a collateral of your mortgage. 

You can also use any existing asset to be the collateral of your mortgage. You have to understand your assets properly, and it’s value to have a better mortgage plan. Don’t let any loan institution take advantage of you just because you don’t know the value of the asset that you own. 

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Conventional and Collateral Mortgage

You can choose between this type of mortgage, depending on your situation or which one you are confident to use. But before deciding, let’s dissect each option and study if this will give you the actual value of your assets. 

Conventional Mortgage

Conventional mortgage only lets you loan 80% of the assessed value of your asset. You will still need a small amount of money to pay for your purchase, and the mortgage will finance the remaining balance of the property. 

The advantage of Conventional Mortgage is that you don’t need to pay for the extra fee used for the insurance. This insurance serves as a security measure for the lender to assure they will not lose their money just in case. 

Collateral Mortgage

The lender will give you more than the value of your property. It is because the value of your property will increase over time. Your lender can also register with a collateral charge. 

It will also be an advantage for you. You can borrow money from the lender anytime without refinancing your loan. It is the advantage of collateral mortgage, it will be easy to borrow money in the future from your lender. 

The drawback for this option is that you cannot shift to another lender that easily. It will require you to hire a real estate attorney before you can transfer to another lender. It will not matter if your term already ended because it was not registered to the registry office. Other lenders may not approve the content of your agreement with the previous lender. 

Determine your asset value 

Study and determine your asset value before you use it as a collateral. You should know it’s fair market value. By doing this, you will know how much your asset’s selling price is. You have to agree on terms that will be fair to you and the lender. But never agree to an agreement if you notice the appraisal is extremely low. 

We understand the lenders’ concern in this settlement. But we should not tolerate excessive use of their right to impose an interest rate or to assess properties at a little cost. Know your rights and familiarize the lenders right on your arrangement so that it can be fair and just.

Once you already agree to use your asset as collateral, always put in mind that the lender can repossess that asset if you failed to pay the loan. Hence, you must pay the sum of the money you borrowed plus the interest imposed along with it. Lenders can sell your asset at a fair market price, which is higher than the amount of money you borrowed. 

Lenders will make more money if they take possession of the collateral and sell it off. Aside from the money that you already paid them (if there’s any), They will sell your asset and earn big bucks. 

Who’s Else Apply for A Mortgage

Not only are individuals using mortgages to acquire a new property. Even businesses use a mortgage to purchase a larger real estate property. Both individuals and businesses opt for mortgages because they won’t need to pay the whole amount of the property upfront. 

Applying for a mortgage is a wise decision since you will not release a significant amount of money from your pocket. But be smart enough and make sure that the lender will not take advantage of you.

Always watch for scammers. There are lots of people who take advantage of those who are not familiar with the system. It is best that you do your research and apprehend the factors before engaging in an agreement. 


A mortgage is the best way to fund your house purchase. With the right plan, you will acquire the property you like without paying the whole amount of it. Or you can pay a down payment and settle the difference by installment. Always make sure that you close the deal with the lender fair and square.

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