Acronis launches in Phl, unveils backup solutions

Acronis solutions are powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, a set of new generation data protection technologies that capture, store, recover, control, and access any data in all environments anywhere.

Maxim Mitrokhin, General Manager for Channels, APAC at Acronis

Data protection technology provider, Acronis, was launched in the Philippines designed to help address the increasing need for complete data protection in both on-premises and cloud solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Acronis solutions are powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, a set of new generation data protection technologies that capture, store, recover, control, and access any data in all environments anywhere. This architecture uses unified web console to protect the entire environment including VMWare, Hyper V, Azure, Amazon and other environments, and allows users to use desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and securely access and share corporate content while it controls security and compliance.

According to Hecky Elayda, general manager at iSecure Networks, Inc., Acronis local reseller, Acronis is putting a backup in a secure environment with authenticity as it has a security port. Technically, the way we do it in a daily basis was with a file – we used to have a copy and we backed it up and the first thing you have to protect is the backup, he said.

Data protection or backup solution is very important as cyber security is very critical today. Elayda cited a survey which said that every four seconds, a company is being hacked. This makes cyber security a global warning challenge because a company can be hacked in an instant.

“Cyber security is growing by seconds by the day. Gone are the days when we thought that the heinous crime committed is anything that is related to illegal drugs, but as the survey said, the heinous crime now is cyber security. Cyber security threats are growing exponentially, minutes by minutes, seconds by seconds,” Elayda warned.

Maxim Mitrokhin, Acronis’s general manager for channels at APAC said Acronis addresses this alarming security threats by providing any protection to any kind of deployment, which could be on-premises or on the cloud, on any storage and any kind of recovery. He also said that apart from protecting data of their customers, they also need to respond to those attacks which are happening every day.

At the launch, Mitrokhin mentioned five vectors of protection consisting of Safety which is very important nowadays as it is easy to change, delete, steal and alter data; Accessibility or any way to access digital world from anywhere at anytime; Privacy which is the ability to control the who, how, what and when can access your digital life; Authenticity or the way to validate that a copy is an exact replica or the original; and Security which is the protection against malicious agents.

Acronis sees cyber protection as a global notion which covers all documents, cyber security and carries data protection, privacy and license, according to Mitrokhin.

To help solve data protection challenges among enterprises, Acronis has developed the following data protection solutions: backup; disaster recovery; file sync and share; storage and deployment; and cloud solutions for service providers. 

The Acronis Backup protects departments with role-based administrative access; provides quick insights into the infrastructure; and protects data from ransomware by detecting unauthorized files. With a web-based management console, a user can back up and recover physical, virtual, and cloud workloads anywhere. This solution is available in Standard and Advanced versions.

Another cyber protection software, the Acronis True Image 2019, is compatible for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android OSes that offers easy backups and recoveries, efficient data management, and integrates an artificial intelligence-based defense against ransomware that actively detects and stops attacks, and automatically restores any affected files.

Acronis was established in 2003 in Singapore and was incorporated in 2008 in Switzerland. Today, the company has over 1,000 workers in more than 18 countries. It has around 500,000 small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) customers. The company’s products are available to around 50,000 resellers all over the world in 24 countries. Acronis has its corporate headquaters in Switzerland while its global business headquarters is located in Singapore. The company has its R&D facility located in Moscow, Russia where they have over 300 engineers, and they have developers in Singapore, Arizona and Bulgaria.

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