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5 Reasons businesses still need to invest in a website

A website is a must if one wants to appear in their search results and connect with them.

By GoDaddy

Thriving in today’s competitive business environment requires being where customers are. To date, there are over 60 million Internet users[1] in the Philippines searching for products and services online. A website is a must if one wants to appear in their search results and connect with them.


Below are five reasons why it’s worth investing in a website.

Websites keep your business relevant.

Businesses need to be where their markets begin the customer journey—from scanning the market for choices, zeroing in on a viable option, and then finally selecting “the one.” Take for instance the behavior of people buying electronic devices—studies show that a quick online research is the first step a person takes when shopping for mobile phones, tablets, or TVs[2]. They check out reseller websites to read specs and reviews before heading to a shop to purchase. In addition, data from Google show that half of mobile searches actually lead to store visits within one day[3].

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Websites provide customers with more information on a business.

“Do you have a website?” Even if the question is made out of curiosity, positively responding to this query lends legitimacy to a business. Whether a business is new or established, providing a channel for people to find more information about a product, service, or the company itself would help in building that relationship with customers. And with seven in 10 Filipinos expected to have a smartphone by 20184, businesses must remember to make their websites mobile-friendly to make that initial contact with potential customers smooth and hassle-free.

Websites serve as anchors to marketing efforts.

Marketers have done it all—rely on word-of-mouth referrals, hand out flyers in customer hotspots, and offer promos. While these traditional tactics may still yield results, an anchor supporting these marketing efforts can help unify and extend the customer experience. The website, as an anchor, can be the “home” where potential customers can head to where they can learn more about a product or service and contact information that could influence their purchase decision.

A website can also serve as a channel for customers to experience not only the business, but also the brand. A website allows the business to establish its identity, talk about its values, and make a bit of noise about what other satisfied customers think about the business. All these can positively influence potential customers looking to purchase a product or service.

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Websites can complete the customer journey all the way to purchase.

More and more Filipinos are getting into the habit of online shopping. By the end of 2022, 46.1 million Filipinos would have made a purchase on the Internet5. Create a space for customers not only to learn more about your product and speed up the purchase decision, but also to actually make a purchase.

A website with e-commerce functionality allows businesses to reach out and introduce products to a previously untapped audience. It also allows them to break geographic boundaries and empowers customers to make purchases anytime and from anywhere.

Websites are platforms to showcase your company’s achievements.

If a business is churning out great results, it’s only right for it to showcase these achievements on a website. Fill the “About Us” section with pertinent details such as awards won, shareholder information, customer testimonials, and client feedback to help boost your products and services, your business, and the company itself. Nothing speaks success and credibility like an online résumé providing current and prospective customers an overview of what your business can do to help improve and enhance their lives.

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