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NetSuite founder introduces online marketplace, dashboard for Suiteapps

SAN JOSE, Calif.—As part of its ongoing mission to innovate itself, NetSuite, Inc., an enterprise cloud apps provider, has introduced two services that will enhance the experience of its users.

In his keynote address at the recently concluded Suiteworld Conference, NetSuite Founder and CTO, Evan Goldberg, enumerated the four types of innovation its customers are going through right now: business innovation, operational innovation, new market entrance innovation, and customer experience innovation.

NetSuite Founder and CTO, Evan Goldberg: "We have been boldly growing." PHOTO: MELBA BERNAD

NetSuite Founder and CTO, Evan Goldberg: “We have been boldly growing.” PHOTO: MELBA BERNAD

“Beyond this, we are going to innovate ourselves. We are going to make it faster and easier for you to do your jobs. This involves great new enhancements to the NetSuite user experience. Our goal is to really stay out of your way as you innovate your companies,” Goldberg told Suiteworld delegates who were mostly customers and partners.

Among the outcomes of its innovation efforts is the Suiteapp Marketplace and the Dasbhoard Suiteapps which Goldberg demonstrated in the beginning of his presentation.

“We are introducing the Suiteapp marketplace, which is about letting admins and users to easily find Suiteapps and allow them to install these in their accounts,” announced Goldberg. Goldberg explained that every user will soon have a tab that will enable instant access to the Suiteapp Marketplace.

“The Suiteapps tab will also have featured Suiteapps, you can scroll through a carousel of cool apps; and you can look at popular apps, top-rated apps, and new releases. You can search for apps by criteria, names, industry, and partner,” explained Goldberg. Among the apps available in the marketplace is iChart which is the 2016 Suiteapp of the year.

After clicking on an app they need, users can just click on the “Request Installation” button which will prompt the admin to install the Suiteapp in their accounts.

To allow users to take advantage of the capabilities of the Suiteapp installed, NetSuite has developed the Dashboard Suiteapps. “The Dashboard Suiteapps is really the face of the Suiteapp. Adding a Suiteapp to the Dashboard lets users personalize their NetSuite experience. It makes it faster and easier for you to access information about the Suiteapp such as the performance and response time of the NetSuite system,” said Goldberg. “You can customize what you want to see on the Dashboard.”

The Suiteapp Marketplace and Dashboard Suiteapps are innovations that enable customers to go through the four types of innovations that Goldberg earlier enumerated.

No launch date has been set for the Suiteapp Marketplace and the Dashboard Suiteapps.


Goldberg also presented improvements in its SuiteCommerce offering, which enables 40% faster SuiteCommerce Advanced page load time.

To deliver these improvements, NetSuite made four important changes to its infrastructure. “We now have Tier 1+ Service for large enterprises which allows three times as many transactions, and 20% performance improvements of CPU-intensive applications. We’ve also added three new data centers, including Europe. We have live customers in Europe, being close to the data makes everything faster.”

NetSuite has also optimized its infrastructure with Java 8, and has has released the Application Performance Monitor for SuiteCommerce users.

Suitepayments API

In the payments space, Goldberg gave a sneak preview of the Suitepayments API, the first pure cloud ERP payment plug-in architecture with EMV.

“EMV is when you try to swipe your card but you got to put the chip in and you wait and wait. It turns out that in our early tests, it is faster to use a pure cloud architecture because it removes steps. No servers or other hardware except PIN pad,” explained Goldberg.

The Suitepayments API, Goldberg said, will support e-commerce, POS, and ERP systems, as well as support numerous payment methods.

The method, Goldberg adds, is the most secure because the customer card data never leaves the payment system and the payments data never enters the merchant’s or NetSuite’s systems.

Suitecloud Development Framework

Goldberg also announced the release of the beta of the Suitecloud Development Framework in the Suitecloud 16.2 release. The framework is a multi-year initiative to overhaul how developers build and manage customizations in Suiteapps.

Essentially, the framework allows team development and is a true code-based system, allowing developers to use all the tools for coding. The framework allows the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to have more information about the application which allows richer code completion. Other features include version control, better change management, dependency management, and account validation.

To boldly grow

“We have been boldly growing as you have,” Goldberg told Suiteworld delegates. “Alongside our customers we processed a $187 billion of sales orders in 2015. So collectively, you are bigger than Apple or GE, and twice the size of Google. Fantastic growth in the customer base and in the customers themselves. More invoiced processed than ever, 80% increase in invoices processes and I think with our new Suitebilling capabilities we may match that again next year.”

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