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Digital lifestyle gadgets for mobile consumers

Targeting a young generation of discerning, mobile and independent consumers, Philteq Enterprise, Inc. has launched a range of personal gadgets for digital consumers and enthusiasts.

Targeting a young generation of discerning, mobile and independent consumers, Philteq Enterprise, Inc. has launched a range of personal gadgets for digital consumers and enthusiasts.

The new products include the China-made Cannice Bluetooth headsets; Doss ultra-portable Bluetooth speakers; Powerocks line of Apple certified and widely compatible power banks; and the Hoomia wired headsets and headphones from Taiwan. The gadgets are compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and various smartphones.

Cannice Bluetooth Headset

Cannice Bluetooth Headset

“The Philippines boasts a very young market, a generation of discerning, mobile and independent consumers,” said Francis Karamihan, Product Manager of Digital Lifestyle Gadgets for Philteq. “We want to bring them only the latest and value-driven products that they could rely on as they follow their passion and create memories of their own,” he added.

With Cannice Bluetooth headsets series, both music and voice enthusiasts can take advantage of the latest features offered by the Bluetooth 4.0 aptX technology. For laid-back listeners to individuals who want to be entertained by an exclusive DJ, the series provides up to 30 hours of music playing time. For music fanatics on the go or fitness buff, Cannice Muses 1 and Muses 2 offer mobility through different wear options and boasts up to 20 hours of run time and 300 hours of standby time.

Designed for mobile business individuals, the Cannice iBlue 6 HD wireless music headset combines the reliable capabilities, high speed and low energy protocols of the classic Bluetooth with the latest features of Bluetooth 4.0. This gadget is engineered with 6th Generation CVC noise reduction technologies for crystal clear audio experience, and allows simple operation, switch-free connection to other Bluetooth devices.

The Doss DS-1156 has built-in dual speaker.

The Doss DS-1156 has built-in dual speaker.

Another device that was presented is the Cannice Padblue1 which is recommended for those who stick with handheld calling. A wearable gadget, Padblue1 uses 5th Generation CVC noise reduction and provides five hours of talk time and music time, respectively. Other Cannice gadgets include the Headblue 1, a Hi-Fi wireless headphone with touch control, which has low energy consumption standby time that is more than twice of earlier Bluetooth version; the iBlue 5 which is a stereo headset with noise cancellation; the stereo Bluetooth headsetphone iBlue 3; and iBlue 2s+ stereo wireless headset.

The Chinese-assembled Doss (Dream of Smart Sound) speakers display its unique deviation from speakers existing today with its Doss Abado or DS-1178 Bluetooth wireless 3D surround stereo speakers that is highly recommended for tablet computers and smartphones. Spherical in shape that fits into the hand, this speaker has the option to use individually or in tandem for pure digital surround sound.

Powerocks Stone 3 7800

Powerocks Stone 3 7800

The Doss DS-1156 and Doss Asimom 3 or DS-1189 offer a hands-free, long battery life and multiple peripheral connection capability that can be enjoyed by audio buffs. The Doss DS-1156 has built-in dual speaker, a Doss patented air bass technology for superior surround sound. On the other hand, the Asimom 3 has a Bluetooth A2DP for quick pairing with other devices, and can be charged wirelessly with a charging base included in the unit.

The spill-proof, scratch proof and collision resistant Hurricane DS-1302 and Doss DS-1209 are intended for users-on-the-go. Hurricane DS-1302 has Bluetooth A2DP capability and uses NdFeb magnets for powerful audio transmission While Doss DS-1209 can be operated hands-free and supports TF card for storage requirements.

The Doss Motion or DS-1155, a speaker equipped with sensors that allow users control audio playbacks by the simple wave of the hand, was also unveiled. The device boasts an A2DP function and a 3.5mm Aux jack for connection to other MP3, CD and laptop.

A Taiwanese brand of headphones, Hoomia presents Bon 9, a telephone earphone which imitates the old telephone design with treble, vocal performance and noise cancelling. There is also the Hoomia Bon 5, an in-ear stereo headset for mobile phones that revives the acoustic efficiency of natural materials like saffron pear, ebony, and maple. A magic pencil in-ear stereo headphone, the Hoomia Magic Pencil, which offers tone purity and stereo sound quality, was also launched.

The Hoomia UTWO Ace, a city lifestyle stereo headphone, sports 30mm drivers with slim and soft painted covering and the U3 classic fold flat 40mm driver headsets for a vivid sound reproduction and deep base response.

Philteq also introduced the Powerocks line of power banks that are smaller in sizes, safer and easier to carry. For highly demanding power users, the Powerocks Stone 3 7800 is capable of charging mobile devices for only two hours.

Hoomia Bon 9Powerocks has also its lightweight Flash Magicstick 3000, an ideal travel companion in metallic colors and has a built-in flashlight. It also prides itself with Tetris 6000, a combined AC charger and power bank that can be used in 150 countries.

For those carrying multiple smart devices but find irksome taking USB cables anywhere they go, the Powerocks Magic Cube series is a better companion. With built-in USB and micro USB cables, the Magic Cube series is capable of charging two devices simultaneously. It is highly capacitated and an energy saver as it takes only two hours to charge an iPhone.

Except for Cannice Muses 2 headphone which is not currently available in the local market but will be available within the year, all other Cannice, Doss, Hoomia and Powerocks gadgets are now available in Philteq resellers, IT superstores and chains, sub-distributors, Apple Premium resellers, and mobile brand shops.

Cannice, Doss and Hoomia provide six-month warranty while Powerocks offers a one-year warranty. According to Karamihan, they do not service defective gadgets. Gadgets are replaced if defects are found to be valid.

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