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LG marks implementation of LG Ambassador Challenge Projects

The LG Ambassador Challenge, a testament to LG’s commitment to sustainable development in the nation, partnered with Korea Friends of Hope International (KFHI) to bring about meaningful change.

LG Philippines announced the realization of its LG Ambassador Challenge projects, which have made impacts on local communities in the Philippines. The LG Ambassador Challenge, a testament to LG’s commitment to sustainable development in the nation, partnered with Korea Friends of Hope International (KFHI) to bring about meaningful change. After the initial announcement of the winners, we are excited to provide updates on the progress and accomplishments of these inspiring initiatives.

The LG Ambassador Challenge, now in its second year, received numerous project proposals from across the Philippines. The winning projects—‘Life is Good, When Life Has Light,’ ‘Flowing Water for Growing Future,’ and ‘Paliparan Community Livelihood’—have demonstrated the profound impact that community-driven initiatives can have in fostering positive change.

‘Life is Good, When Life Has Light’ – Bringing Light to Darkness

The first winning project, ‘Life is Good, When Life Has Light,’ is a program initiated by the Our Daily Bread Community-Dayap Church. This community, situated in Calauan, Laguna, has struggled with a lack of street lighting, leading to safety concerns for residents and commuters. To address this issue, solar-powered street lights were installed throughout the relocation area, providing a safer environment during nighttime. A total of 35 solar street lights now illuminate the community, enhancing safety, reducing crime, conserving energy, and facilitating smoother vehicular movement at night.

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A solar-powered street light in Calauan, Laguna

‘Flowing Water for Growing Future’ – Ensuring Access to Clean Water

The second winning project, ‘Flowing Water for Growing Future,’ led by Myla Cabaluna, focused on solving the water access challenges in the Lawaguin community. Due to the absence of a reliable water supply, residents resorted to washing clothes and bathing by the roadside. The initiative installed a solar-powered water pump, ensuring a consistent and clean water supply for the community. This has significantly improved living conditions and hygiene for the local residents.

The new solar-powered water pump in Brgy. Lawaguin

‘Paliparan Community Livelihood Project’ – Empowering Communities through Sewing

The third winning project, the ‘Paliparan Community Livelihood Project’ by Bong Rho Yoon, aimed to enhance the livelihood of the urban poor community in Paliparan, a densely populated barangay with over 100,000 residents. Over 50% of households relied on construction work as their primary source of income. To diversify job opportunities, vocational training in sewing was introduced. Thanks to LG’s support, additional sewing machines were provided, resulting in an increase in employment opportunities and a stable source of income for households. The project now boasts a total of 41 sewing machines, providing clients with high-quality products both locally and overseas. The workspace has been transformed into a brighter, more comfortable environment with sufficient lighting and electric fans.

The newly-renovated sewing community at Paliparan III, Dasmarinas, Cavite with new sewing equipment

Sungjae Kim, Managing Director of LG Philippines, expressed his admiration for the dedication and innovative solutions presented by this year’s LG Ambassador Challenge winners. “LG is dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact in the community. These projects, led by our LG Ambassador Challenge winners, have made significant strides towards delivering sustainable growth to local communities. We are proud to stand hand in hand with them to help bring their vision to life.”

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The winners of the LG Ambassador Challenge 2023 with Mr. Sungjae Kim, LGEPH Managing Director and Korean Ambassador to the Philippines, Mr. Lee Sang-hwa

The success of the LG Ambassador Challenge projects demonstrates LG’s commitment to fostering positive change and sustainable development in the Philippines. These initiatives have not only improved the quality of life for local residents but also serve as inspiring examples of how collaborative efforts can bring about meaningful transformation.

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