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Ragnarok Origin announces new Sigil Tablet update now available in PH

The Tablet System Update is anticipated to bring a new level of fun to Ragnarok Origin’s extensive Filipino fanbase. Below are 7 things about the update that Filipino gamers can look forward to.

Ragnarok Origin, the beloved mobile MMORPG developed by Gravity, has announced that Filipino players will now have access to its highly-anticipated Sigil Tablet update. This latest feature allows players to acquire exciting bonus effects by embedding powerful sigils onto their stone tablets, offering a new level of customization and character enhancement.

Ragnarok Origin, which launched in the Philippines last April 6, is currently one of the most popular games among Filipino gamers. Before the game’s official launch in the country, for example, Ragnarok Origin already hit 10 million pre-registrations.

The Tablet System Update is anticipated to bring a new level of fun to Ragnarok Origin’s extensive Filipino fanbase. Below are 7 things about the update that Filipino gamers can look forward to.

  • Tablet System Unlocked

To access the Tablet System, players must reach base level 75. Once a guide quest is completed, players will unlock the system and be able to acquire free sigils.

  • Customize Sigils

With the Tablet System, players can embed one active sigil, one specific class sigil, and up to four passive sigils simultaneously. Some sigils take effect upon embedding, while others can be manually activated during combat.

  • Types of Sigils

Sigils are categorized into three types: active sigils, job-exclusive sigils, and passive sigils.

  • Active Sigils

These sigils can be actively used in combat, granting players additional skills. Active sigils in the Tablet System offer a diverse range of skills, categorized into three types: Primal Power, Descent of the Holy Light, and Excalibur. Each type has its own unique set of abilities that can greatly enhance combat prowess.

The percentages of skill increases vary depending on the color of the imprint, with red, yellow, purple, and blue imprints each offering different boosts. Once you install an active sigil, you can easily access its exclusive skills in the general skills menu. To cast these skills quickly, simply assign them to a shortcut key and unleash their power at your command.

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Primal Power: Increases allies’ stats by a certain percentage for 10 sec.

Descent of Holy Light: Unleashes a luminous circle that absorbs damage, reducing damage taken for 10 sec.

Excalibur Profound Art: Summons the mighty Excalibur from the heavens, dealing devastating damage to your target.

Red Frost World: Unleashes the power of the unique red frost world. Upon chanting, a frigid field materializes, gradually slowing down the movement speed of enemies. Those who linger within the area for too long will succumb to freezing, and be immobilized in icy shackles.

  • Job Sigils

Exclusive to specific Jobs, these sigils enhance particular skills. Lord Knights can benefit from the Aura Enchantment sigil, boosting the buff duration and granting additional bonuses.

  • Passive Sigils

Activate these sigils during battles, regardless of your class. Unleash their power and enjoy their effects to gain an edge in combat.

The class of this sigil includes Endless Nightmare, Guardian of Mayfly, Choice of Fate, Child of Destiny, and Blessing of Courage. The effects of these also depend on their rarity..

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Endless Nightmare: Dealing damage to the target will add an effect, causing them to lose a percentage of HP per sec.

Mayfly Guardian: Gain a shield that absorbs damage up to a certain amount of Max HP every a few seconds. When the shield is broken, it will inflict water damage to nearby enemies and slow them down.

Destiny’s Choice: When dealing damage, gain a chance to increase the damage by a certain percentage, and there is also a chance to lose HP.

Destiny’s Child: After the battle, throw the dice to get a random buff.

  • Sigil Activation and Upgrade

Each sigil you unlock for the first time will activate corresponding collection stats that have a permanent effect. Additionally, unlocking and upgrading sigils will earn you collection XP, which unlocks bonus stats and item rewards. Strive to maximize your sigil’s potential and enjoy a wide range of bonuses.

  • Sigil Upgrade Process

To increase the level of a specific sigil, you can utilize sigil charts. Each upgrade will grant additional stats, ensuring your character becomes even more formidable. Once you’ve reached the maximum level, sigil shards can be used to repair the stone tablet. Increasing the repair level unlocks stat bonuses, providing further power boosts.

  • Where to Acquire Sigils

Sigils and sigil shards can be obtained in the Juperos Ruins, Dungeon Leaderboard rewards, and by purchasing random sigil boxes in the Nyan Berry Shop and Diamond Shop. Explore the depths of the Juperos Ruins, prove your might, and claim these valuable enhancements!

  • Rules of Juperos Ruins

Gear up for intense 10-minute battles in the treacherous Juperos Ruins, where your fate hangs in the balance. Face off against powerful Boss monsters, unleashing your party’s full potential to deal devastating damage within the time limit. Remember, the higher your damage, the more valuable your rewards and scores.

However, beware of the Bosses’ revival, as each defeat brings forth increased difficulty, tempting you with even greater rewards. Stay vigilant, for defeat comes at a cost – precious challenge time will be deducted. As the dust settles, your ranking will reflect your performance, with weekly rewards awaiting those who emerge victorious. Rise to the challenge, surpass level 75, assemble a formidable team of 5 members, and seize the opportunity to claim clearing rewards up to twice a week. Extend your hand to aid others and earn assist rewards up to 4 times a week. Embrace the ever-changing Juperos Ruins, where 3 mighty Bosses await, ensuring a thrilling adventure with each passing week.

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Sigil Tablet system has been released, it’s time to gain an exciting reward. Download and log in to the game now to unlock numerous rewards. To stay updated with the latest events and information related to Ragnarok Origin, be sure to follow the official Discord community and Facebook page.


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