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5 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Aim in FPS Games

Improving your aim in FPS games requires long hours of practice. Get better at aiming in FPS games by practicing for long hours or cutting these hours down if you follow some simple tips.

First-person shooter games have their perspective from the character’s eye view. This perspective affects how you play the game, view your surroundings, and aim. Accuracy is essential in all FPS games as it can be the difference between staying alive and dying.

Getting a good aim involves setting crosshairs, adjusting settings, improving eye-to-hand coordination, and many other factors.

Improving your aim in FPS games requires long hours of practice. Get better at aiming in FPS games by practicing for long hours or cutting these hours down if you follow some simple tips.

Tips to Improve Your Aim in FPS Games

Your aim will remarkably improve once you master some of these tips. You’ll naturally start rising through the ranks in the games as you become better at aiming. Here are 5 of our top aiming tips for FPS games:

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1.   Adjust Your Settings

Most times, your poor accuracy is due to your settings, where some features make it harder to aim. The mouse sensitivity is the first factor to check when adjusting for aiming.

Lower the sensitivity setting of your mouse, so you’ll need to move the mouse farther to shift the crosshairs. Also, lower sensitivity settings make it possible to target small areas.

A high DPI mouse with low sensitivity is a powerful combination for improving your aiming. Ensure to put your mouse under a mousepad for a smoother drag.

Adjusting the game’s brightness can help spot players faster, especially in low-light conditions. Some players adjust the game textures so certain features stand out on the screen and draw their eye gaze faster.

2.   Practice Often

Constant practice will improve your aiming as your eye-to-hand coordination becomes better. You also understand the game mechanics and how long to drag the mouse or controller to move a certain distance.

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The importance of practice cannot be overemphasized.

Practicing improves your aiming and overall gaming ability as you’ll naturally become a better player and rise the ranks. Some games have practice arenas for players to practice specific activities like aiming.

A good way to develop faster is to dedicate a little time to practice before playing the game. Play a practice mode before you get into action.

3.   Reduce Sprinting

Sprinting moves you from one point to another quickly and is a good way to get to cover before enemy places sight you.

However, most players abuse sprinting and use it all the time, even advancing. The problem with sprinting is that it takes longer to aim after you stole sprinting.

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Learn to sprint less often to improve your aiming speed and accuracy. You may require an extra few seconds to get that headshot before you’re killed.

Instead of sprinting with every forward movement, save the spring for only when you want to reach another point quickly. Some games have fast reaction times, but generally, it’ll take a sprinting player more time to raise their weapon than a player making normal movements.

4.   Keep Your Crosshairs Raised

Keeping your crosshairs at heights where the enemies will naturally be when you point your weapon at them will save you a couple of seconds.

In addition, it is a great way to aim faster, as you have little vertical adjustments to make. Pro players have mastered the art of keeping their crosshairs at this height, helping them hit their targets almost immediately.

Some FPS games naturally have the crosshairs pointed at the ground, which means more vertical adjustment is required to point at the target. Instead, aim to keep the crosshair at chest or head level. This way, you only need to make horizontal crosshair adjustments to hit the target in a critical spot.

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5.   Use Aimbots

Aimbots are excellent ways of instantly improving your aiming as they immediately lock into targets without so many adjustments from you.

While many people frown at cheats, it is still widely used in the game. So, a good way to level up and match these other players is to get a good aimbot for your FPS game.

You can do without aimbots by utilizing the above tips and practicing for a long time. However, You can reduce these hours with the right tips and tricks.

Given its difficulty, most players use cheats such as aimbots to improve their aiming in FPS games. Gaming companies have come down hard on players using some of these cheats by banning their computer’s ID.

Battlelog has an effective ID blocker that masks your computer’s unique ID to protect players from the wrath of these gaming companies.

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Aiming is one of the top skills in first-person shooter games as it involves a lot of direct shooting combats between players, where a little mistake can be deadly.

Learning tips to improve aiming accuracy and speed, practicing for long hours, or even using aimbots are some ways to aim better in FPS games.


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