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Synology introduces RS822+/RS822RP+, a versatile all-in-one storage solution

The 1U RS822(RP)+ is an ideal data management and backup solution in smaller deployments, edge storage usage, or at branch offices. 

Synology announced the addition of RackStation RS822+ and RS822RP+ to the versatile and cost-effective Plus series systems. The 1U RS822(RP)+ is an ideal data management and backup solution in smaller deployments, edge storage usage, or at branch offices. 

“RS822(RP)+ is the latest entry to our excellent all-rounder RackStation series of data management systems,” said Michael Wang, Product Manager at Synology. “Starting at 4-bays, it’s a small but reliable platform to tackle any business storage or backup tasks you throw at it.” 

A versatile data platform

The RS822(RP)+ includes a suite of reliable file management, sharing, and synchronization solutions, making it a flexible choice for any business. In addition to fast, local access to files, Synology Drive enables easy cross-platform access to file management and sharing tools. Connect and sync data between devices, keeping remote teams and offices up-to-date automatically. 

Leverage the C2 Storage service to enable even higher productivity and lower maintenance needs. Keep multiple sites in sync using less bandwidth with Hybrid Share, as files only need to be uploaded once to C2 servers. Frequently accessed data is cached locally on the RS822(RP)+ and other connected Synology systems, providing immediate and fast access while streaming other files as needed, reducing the storage footprint required. Additionally, unexpected storage demands can be met with flexible on-demand storage.

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Private video surveillance

The RS822(RP)+ also functions as a fully-fledged video management system that provides full local data ownership. Synology’s Surveillance Station is a powerful VMS designed for businesses that already protects over 500,000 sites. Flexible ONVIF support and over 8,300 validated IP cameras make deployment simple and easily suited to each location’s requirements. 

Surveillance Station makes it easy to set up and manage up to 40 cameras on the RS822(RP)+ with its modern and customizable interface. For larger or multiple building environments, add-in floor plans and overlay Google or OpenStreetMap for maximum situational awareness. Important footage is secured and resiliency is increased with support for backup recording servers, multi-device management (CMS), and optional dual recording to Synology’s secure cloud service. 

Comprehensive data protection built-in

Keep your data and IT infrastructure backed up and protected with the RS822(RP)+. Support for backup of Windows PC/Servers, VMware and Hyper-V VMs, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace SaaS, and more ensures comprehensive coverage for most IT environments under one interface.

Local snapshots enable the protection of files and LUNs against accidents and threats like ransomware while minimizing storage use and RTOs. RS822(RP)+ also includes comprehensive system and file backup capabilities for secure backup onto other Synology systems or a cloud storage service. 

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