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Why locksmiths should invest in digital marketing

When it comes to finding new customers, digital marketing for locksmiths offers the best return-on-investment.

Locksmithing is a career that goes back in history, even as the mechanisms for locking and opening doors, windows, and cabinets have changed over time. However, the need for security, which includes locksmithing, continues to rise.

While you might think that digital security has taken over traditional locksmithing, locksmiths are still the primary creators and repairers of residential locks, bank vault drawer locks, and many interior door locks in commercial and residential settings. And no one can hack a physical lock and key, so that makes a locksmith’s job still critical in this day of digital security. When it comes to finding new customers, digital marketing for locksmiths offers the best return-on-investment.

What is Digital Marketing for Locksmiths?

The American Marketing Association describes digital marketing like this as any marketing strategies that rely on modern devices, often those that are connected to the internet. Through digital marketing strategies, a business may use anything from email campaigns, blogs, social media postings, videos, and updated websites in order to reach their customers. 

Many locksmiths work alone or with a partner, leaving very little time for marketing. Traditionally, locksmiths get new business through referrals from existing or former clients. With referrals, locksmiths gain the trust of new clients quickly, because the referrer already trusts the locksmith. But, if you want to build your locksmith business, you need to increase the number of new people who contact you for the first time.

Generating New Business with Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is usually expensive and time-consuming, which your locksmith business can’t afford. But digital marketing can be automated and outsourced to a digital marketing company whose expertise is in working with locksmiths. With very little time and expense on your part, you can generate new leads who are looking for a reliable, trustworthy locksmith near them.

Local Search for Locksmiths

Most searchers looking for a locksmith on a search engine want to find someone local to them. Locksmiths are often called in an emergency when someone is locked in or out of a car, room, or building. Having a reliable, experienced locksmith nearby is important. So, a good goal for locksmith digital marketing is to strive to appear in search page results (SERPs) for a “locksmith near me” for your area.

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1. Your Website

Your company needs a website that can be easily navigated and display your expertise in your business. The key for showing up in local search is putting your business address, city, and state, including zip code, on your website, and a list of which geographical areas you serve.

At minimum, your website should include a brief history of your company, types of work you do, and contact information. You can add additional educational information on keyword topics related to locksmithing to help you rank organically in SERPs.

Search engines pick up all this information, and then their algorithm ranks your company in search results.

2. Google My Business

It’s likely that Google already has a rudimentary listing for your business, but you can claim it and add relevant information to improve it. For access, go to Google My Business. To start, search for your business on Google My Business. If you’re not listed, you can add your business. Then you can update the listing with your phone, address, areas you serve, hours, website, contact info, and pictures. The more information you add, the better the listing will be on Google.

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Your Google My Business listing will be optimized for mobile search, which according to Statista, “As of the second quarter of 2021, it was found that mobile devices accounted for 61 percent of organic search engine visits.” With a growing percentage of the population owning smartphones, mobile search continues to grow. People do a lot of mobile searching when they are out and about doing errands, or spending time with friends.

Completing Google My Business listing will also put you on the map, literally Google Maps. And best of all, using Google My Business is free.

3. Social Proof

Social proof is the internet term for customer reviews. These reviews can appear on your Google My Business listing, on random locksmith review sites, Angi, or on your website. Encourage your existing customers to write a short review about your business. The best time to ask is when you complete a job for someone. You can even email them a link when you thank them for their business.

Social proof is actual proof that other people think your company is reliable and does good work. New customers often rely on reviews to help decide who to do business with.

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Search Engine Optimization for Locksmiths

The term “digital marketing for locksmiths” encompasses a wide range of actions. We have discussed local search as one channel for getting new customers. Another method is search engine optimization or SEO. By incorporating SEO into your content, your company will appear in search results for keywords you focus on. These are usually phrases with two or more words that will drive qualified customers who are already looking for a locksmith to your website. To get an idea on locksmith keywords you can use, just Google “locksmith keywords.” You will find lots of suggestions.

The Power of Video

With the growth of social media sites that display videos, video has become one of the top ways to find new customers. It doesn’t matter whether you upload your videos to YouTube or directly to a social site like Instagram or TikTok. People love to watch videos, and most video sites allow you to add a link to your website or landing page.

Videos work best if they are short and entertaining. Making someone laugh will help them remember you when they need a locksmith. The other option is to create some “how-to” videos on locksmith topics like “How to get into your locked car”, or “How to set up a Ring video doorbell.” You don’t need anything fancy to record a video. Just use your smartphone camera to get started.


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