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How a simple voicemail can be a powerful marketing tool

With a good voicemail system as your marketing tool, you will be able to keep your daily business operation running smoothly and get more potential clients in the future. Just make sure to choose the right voicemail system for your business in order to maximize its benefits.

Having a business also means having the right communication systems, like a voicemail. Since you cannot always respond to the questions or concerns of your existing and potential clients, a voicemail system may come in handy. But, did you know that your simple voicemail does not only stand as a communication tool for your business?  Yes, you read that right. Your voicemail can actually be a great marketing tool, too.

There are some businesses that ditch voicemail systems because they think that they are old-fashioned, and there are also clients who are annoyed with the generic voicemail. However, these days, there are numerous available options for businesses when it comes to voicemail services. In fact, some voicemail systems don’t only take messages, but also teach you how to leave a voicemail without calling. Today’s voicemail system offers more possibilities and opportunities for businesses, making it a viable marketing like digital marketing agency Los Angeles.

Below are the reasons why voicemail can be a great marketing tool for your business:

1. Improves The Efficiency Of Your Business

Regardless if you are in or out of your office, business operations must continue. You do not really need to stay right behind your desk the whole day just to ensure that your business is running smoothly.

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Most business owners would leave the office to attend important events or meetings, or do transactions with potential investors. In such cases, it is crucial that your lines remain open for any concerns from your clients.

Even though you have a dedicated team to pay attention to your client’s concerns or issues, you can’t expect them to answer all of them the whole day, particularly if you have a huge customer base. For this reason, it may result in missed calls, which is not a good thing for businesses as this could mean losing potential clients.

Fortunately, if your business has a voicemail system, you can:

  • Organize Records Easily – There are voicemail systems that come with an organizing feature. For example, it may sort the messages by date or source. No matter how you like to set it up, a voicemail system will help you sort messages out properly.
  • Send A Ringless Voicemail – Some of you might think that sending a ringless voicemail is impossible. But, with today’s technology, it actually is doable. A ringless voicemail, which can be possible through an auto dialer app, is basically a recorded message that you may use for alerting clients of business offers or to extend gratitude. With this, the receiver will not be disturbed once you send a message.
  • Save More Time – Some voicemail systems feature unified messaging, which means that fax, email, as well as voicemail messages are all accessible through a single device. Rather than checking all of these in different devices, voicemail systems may store all messages in a single widget. Through this, you will only have to access your app or mail, and you can already view the messages from every device.
  • Forward Calls – Many voicemail systems enable businesses to access any incoming calls even from outside the office. If you don’t want to miss calls, every message or incoming call may go to you or to the appointed staff. For example, if you are on a business trip, your voicemail system may forward the calls to your number, allowing you to work even if you are always on-the-go.

2. Boosts Your Customer Retention Rate

Everybody knows how frustrating it is when a phone just rings and nobody picks it up. It is also more annoying if you are put on hold. If you are a business owner, you can’t do this to your clients or customers if you don’t want to lose them.

There are clients who are impatient, while some would give you more time to give solutions to their concerns regarding your products or services. With a voicemail, you can easily take every call regardless of the circumstances. Aside from that, you can give your clients an assurance that you will give them a call immediately to resolve their issues.

With a good voicemail system as your marketing tool, you will be able to keep your daily business operation running smoothly and get more potential clients in the future. Just make sure to choose the right voicemail system for your business in order to maximize its benefits.

3. Works 24/7

Having a voicemail in your business allows you to continue your operation even after the regular working hours. Voicemail keeps your business functioning all day and night, which is useful and beneficial if your customers are from different parts of the globe. It lets you meet your clients’ needs and connect with them in spite of the difference in time zones.

4. Allows You To Hire Less Administrative Employees

If you want to save more money for your growing business, one of the things you can do is to put a halt to hiring additional staff members. If you have a voicemail system, you can reduce your team of receptionists; it also frees up some administrative duties.

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5. Screens Calls

Whether you are new or a veteran in the world of business, call screening will let you assess the characteristics of the person on the other end of the line before making or answering a call. Even if you enable call screening only if necessary, voicemail systems will help you screen calls in a professional manner. With this, you can easily avoid offending your clients once you screen their calls through leaving a voicemail.

Through the use of call screening feature of your voicemail system, you may listen to the message of your caller, helping you decide whether you should take the call at that very moment or just call them back later instead. It can be helpful when you are not around your office or you’re in an important meeting.

Voicemail systems also have this feature wherein you can see caller IDs with the use of another device that is connected to your mobile phone.

6. Sends Voice Messages To Your Customers At Once

Since time is gold in business, you want to make the most out of every second and send messages to as many customers at once. This will help you ensure that you can easily broadcast all business-related announcements to all of your clients.

Other than being able to send voicemails easily, you can also customize the list of your receivers. For instance, you may send a voicemail to regular customers regarding your discounts. You may also send voicemails about special promotions or other deals that your customers may want to take advantage of in a limited time only. Through targeting various groups of customers with personalized voicemails, you will also be able to boost the results of your marketing efforts.

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7. Creates A Professional And Reliable Response

With your voicemail’s call screening feature, you may have the opportunity to create a more professional response. Since voicemails record messages, you will need time to make everything ready. This is especially true if the calls are about utterly significant issues; you should be able to come up with sensible responses that would properly address them.

In comparison with regular calls, urgent calls may only provide you one or two minutes to prepare for solutions–you might just end up causing more disappointments to your clients. Such situations may result in losing more customers. However, if you have voicemails, you will be able to save the reputation or image of your business as you or your staff may respond to the callers appropriately.

8. More Satisfied Customers

Your business will not thrive if you do not have customers. If you have returning customers, you can be assured that your business will flourish continuously. One of the things that affect customer retention is how you treat all of your customers, which is also referred to as customer service. Regardless of how good your services or products are, your customers would not want to transact with you again in the future once you treated them in a bad way.

In addition to that, with the advancements of technology, customers expect businesses to provide fast service, such as responding to concerns quickly. Lots of customers become impatient when nobody answers their calls. If you want to keep satisfying your customers, do not forget about treating them properly and promptly addressing their issues.

9. Saves Your Business From Other Expensive Marketing Services

If you have a voicemail, you do not need to stick with other marketing services that have the same functionalities and are way more expensive. Having a good voicemail system can be a perfect addition to your marketing tools. The best thing about it is that it’s not pricey, thus it can significantly reduce your business expenses. Some voicemail systems these days are equipped with advanced features that can also perform some basic administrative tasks.

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Bottom Line

Voicemail isn’t just an option for businesses that seek for growth and improved productivity. It is actually a necessity.

Since your clients are the pillars of your business, providing them the satisfaction they deserve is important, especially in terms of their communication needs. With a good voicemail system as your marketing tool, you will be able to keep your daily business operation running smoothly and get more potential clients in the future. Just make sure to choose the right voicemail system for your business in order to maximize its benefits.


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