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SUITEWORLD | Millennials are disrupting the cloud, says Goldberg

LAS VEGAS — The expectations of millennials when they go to work, are the biggest disruptors of the cloud ecosystem, according to Evan Goldberg, founder of NetSuite and now Executive Vice President for Development of the Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit.

Evan Goldberg, Executive Vice President for Development PHOTO: MELBA BERNAD

In an interview with members of the Philippine media during the Oracle+NetSuite SuiteWorld conference in Las Vegas, Goldberg said millennials expect applications to be really easy to use.

“They expect it to be able to use it on their smartphones. They expect to be able to very quickly add, for example, tags. They want [business] applications to feel like the other [consumer] applications they are using in their life because they think work for them is an extension of their life.”

Goldberg said that it is these expectations that will drive NetSuite to develop cloud applications that deliver consumer-like experiences.

“We have been increasingly using the design thinking process in creating our product which makes our products more simple,” said Goldberg, referring to the newly launched SuitePeople. “You have to be able to use SuitePeople with very little training.”

With SuitePeople, employees are able to request time off, access employee directories and organizational charts, monitor upcoming vacation schedules and new hires or publicly recognize good work.

Designed for companies with under 1,000 employees, SuitePeople also helps empower managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single suite.

In the future, SuitePeople will have the capability to integrate with the Oracle Taleo Cloud Service and other human capital management systems of Oracle, says Goldberg.

“We’ve really tried to take more of the consumer mentality,” said Goldberg, noting that the user interfaces of consumer applications are generally intuitive, a feature NetSuite intends to infuse in its cloud-based business applications.

“We want to give [enterprise users] the power they need to do their job but easy and fast,” said Goldberg.



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