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SAP launches SAP Digital Boardroom in Phl

The SAP Digital Boardroom is a digital approach that aims to contextualize performance reporting across areas of business in real time.

SAP SE launched the SAP Digital Boardroom at its Philippines office in Taguig. The SAP Digital Boardroom is a digital approach that aims to contextualize performance reporting across areas of business in real time.


Built on the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud solution, SAP Digital Boardroom is expected to utilize line-of-business data from the SAP S/4HANA suite and SAP HANA Cloud Platform to provide a “single source of truth” about a company’s business metrics. This approach aims to help companies monitor and drive change in the digital economy.

“SAP Digital Boardroom gives senior management and C-Suite executives access to business data and analytics, allowing them to gauge their company’s standing in the market as compared to their competitors. Personal business information such as financial performance, customer count, supplier system and more can be viewed almost immediately with real-time content, which are needed for faster and better decision-making.,” said Ryan Poggi, managing director, SAP Philippines.

Poggi added: “The essential business intelligence has already been embedded in the system for better and faster reporting as it provides a holistic 360 degree view on the company’s business position in the market. Using the Digital Boardroom to address challenges in the digital economy, company executives can obtain comprehensive data-driven insights answering ad hoc questions and simulate the impact of “what-if” scenarios to financials and operations. Overall, it simplifies the boardroom process in terms of time and effort, leveraging real-time analytics to allow companies to effect decisions and Run Live across their value chain.”

SAP Digital Boardroom is designed to deliver multiple customer benefits including: total transparency with standards-based reporting on financials, operations, marketing and sales based on a single source of the truth, delivered in real time, with no data duplication; instant data-driven insights with analytical exploration functions use a simple user interface to address ad hoc questioning and support improved decision-making; and simplified boardroom processes with an intuitive user interface that enables natural interactions based on a single-screen experience.

Building on SAP’s commitment to deliver ongoing innovations to existing analytics solutions delivered on premise and in the cloud, SAP BusinessObjects Cloud solution represents a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. It brings together all analytics features into one solution for a unique user experience.

Content from different business areas (e.g. finance, marketing, HR) can be aligned on a single semantic model within the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud – leveraging the core services. It can be connected to local SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, and SAP BusinessWarehouse platform content, or other data sources through either Smart Data Integration, or HANA Cloud Integration.

The SAP Digital Boardroom is currently available for customer and partner viewings and C-suite focused demonstrations at SAP Philippines’ office at NAC Tower, Taguig City. To arrange for a demonstration, contact 1800 16510761 if within the Philippines or +63 2705 2460 for international call, or e-mail info.philippines@sap.com.

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