Cyberoam’s new wireless security appliance bolsters small and branch office security

Cyberoam has launched the CR10wiNG, the “fastest and most affordable UTM (unified threat management) appliance” that aims to enhance network security of small businesses in the Philippines.

Created with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for the SOHO (small office and home office) and ROBO (remote office and branch office) markets, the CR10wiNG wireless can protect businesses against possible data breach.

CR10wiNG supports 802.11 n/b/g standards and up to eight virtual access points and delivers UTM security features over WLAN to offer enterprise-level security and meet the requirement of mobility in this segment.

Cyberoam’s new wireless security appliance also offers high performance with firewall throughput of 400Mbps and UTM throughput of 60Mbps.

Security experts of Cyberoam created CR10wiNG after seeing that wireless networks in organizations face huge risk of information theft due to their inability to trace users, especially guest users, within the network.

Additionally, lack of IT security staff and budgetary constraints make it difficult for the SOHO/ROBO segment to find security solutions that are adequate, cost-effective and easy to manage.

Also, organizations with distributed networks, remote and branch offices, especially in sectors like retail stores, logistics and transportation, and utility distribution centers, demand mobility within the network and need network security, secure remote access, and secure Wi-Fi for walk-in customers.

CR10wiNG, based on Cyberoam’s patented Layer 8 technology, allows administrators to apply User identity-based security policies to gain visibility over user activity and also manage Guest Internet access in the network.

Cyberoam’s CR10wiNG supports multiple virtual access points that create independent, segregated networks in the same physical area for separate teams like sales, marketing, guest users, and more.

This offers secure authentication and prevents rogue clients from connecting to networks where they don’t belong.

Cyberoam CR10wiNG
“CR10wiNG is designed for small and branch offices to offer secure Wi-Fi at par with wired security.  It enables a leaner Wi-Fi security infrastructure to organizations by replacing both Wi-Fi router and firewall with a single appliance. For remote offices with limited connectivity options, CR10wiNG also offers 3G/4G USB support,” said Abhilash Sonwane, Sr. Vice President- Technology & Products, Cyberoam.

In the Philippines, 99.6% of almost 945,000 registered business enterprises are micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). These small businesses contribute 30% to 53% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

With this huge contribution to the Philippines’ robust economic growth, it is important for small business owners to secure confidential data amid the risks present in interconnected networks used in almost all types of businesses.

Cyberoam CR10wiNG is built on the same CyberoamOS that powers other high-end NG series UTM appliances. It is centrally manageable via Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) and Cyberoam’s on-Cloud Management Service and is compatible with iView – Cyberoam’s Open Source logging and reporting solution.

Cyberoam products are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by NetPlay Incorporated.

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