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New Yahoo Mail app rolls out on Android and iOS

Yahoo Mail’s new updates meet the needs of consumers who are doing more online since the pandemic, and want to manage and personalize their inbox to support their digital lifestyle.

Yahoo announced the launch of new features for Yahoo Mail, providing consumers with ‘first-to-market’ experiences for their inbox, to save time and improve productivity. Yahoo Mail’s new updates meet the needs of consumers who are doing more online since the pandemic, and want to manage and personalize their inbox to support their digital lifestyle.

The new updates further amplify Yahoo Mail’s core offerings connecting millions of users daily — including the user-favourite feature of 1 TB free storage. The New Yahoo Mail App makes users’ lives easier based on their interactions and interests, while providing world-class utilities to offer users quick and easy access to the information that matters most.

“Yahoo Mail has been a part of consumers’ lives for 25 years, so we know how important it is for people to quickly find what they need, whether it’s tomorrow’s flight departure time or how much was spent during a weekend getaway with friends,” said Josh Jacobson, GM & SVP Yahoo Communications. “These new features are a culmination of listening to our people to better understand what they need and what makes Yahoo Mail an integral part of it.”

The new first-to-market features include: 

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  • Group by SenderThis feature will allow you to ‘group’ emails by domain to quickly find important messages, deals, or delete all messages from a sender at once.  
  • Updated Top-of-Inbox Navigation: This feature with contextual filters is designed to drive awareness and findability for what matters most to you and reduce the signal-to-noise ratio. 
  • Receipts View: See receipts from all orders at once, to make returns faster and track your purchase history. 

An Organized Inbox That Saves You Time, Big-time! 

The new Yahoo Mail app includes new utility features that make managing the inbox easier than ever before.

Updated Top-of-Inbox Navigation

User testing by Yahoo Mail showed people spend more time looking at the top area of the screen on email, rather than the bottom. To help users find what they need faster, the new Yahoo Mail app’s updated top-of-inbox navigation has contextual filters — users can toggle between ‘Inbox,’ ‘Attachments,’ ‘Starred’ and more. Once a user clicks and begins scrolling, the contextual filter adapts their screen to give them maximum viewability based on what they want to see. With more users managing their travel itineraries through email, it also includes a ‘Travel’ filter, where users can easily keep track of all their upcoming travel reservations in one place.

The Updated Top-of-Inbox Navigation feature is designed to drive awareness and findability for what matters most to users and reduce the ‘signal-to-noise’ ratio.

Group by Sender

  • Thousands of emails to delete feels overwhelming? The new ‘group by sender’ feature will allow users to group emails by domain to quickly delete all messages from a sender, at once. This came up as a big pain point for users, who wanted a more efficient way to clean up the clutter in their inbox, without wasting hours! 
  • Say goodbye to digging around in your inbox for individual emails from senders. Group by Sender offers a faster and hassle-free way to view emails from one sender without the hassle of typing into a search bar.

One-tap unsubscribe

Users can unsubscribe from one or many brand promo emails and newsletters all in one place, with a single tap.

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Connect All Your Accounts: 

Access your Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft, or other account(s) in one place and take advantage of extra features.


Displays all attachments in your inbox with the ability to filter by files (pdfs, word docs, jpeg) and photos. A huge time saver that spares opening email after email to check for an attachment.

Subscriptions Renewal Reminders

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The new Yahoo Mail app’s top-of-inbox alerts remind you when a free trial is expiring or a paid subscription is about to renew. 

Efficiency for the Everyday Online Consumer: 

In this new update, Yahoo Mail has also introduced features that help make shopping online and managing purchases easier for users around the world. New features include: 

Receipts View

A view that allows you to see receipts from all of your orders. It makes returns faster and provides a handy view of spending patterns.

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The new Yahoo Mail app rolls out globally on iOS and Android today.


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