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Why a robot vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your smart home

Roomba, in particular, has hit the ground running, becoming one of the most popular vacuums on the market.

Hoovering is a task no one enjoys, so anything that makes it easier is a welcome addition to any smart home.

Roomba, in particular, has hit the ground running, becoming one of the most popular vacuums on the market.

Dog owners have found them very beneficial; it makes it easier to keep up with the mountain of pet hair

What Is A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

It’s pretty much as it says on the tin. A robot that works its way around your home autonomously while cleaning any dirt it comes across.  

The robots come with a plethora of sensors, including:

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  • Dirt
  • Drop
  • Collision

All these sensors allow the robot to navigate around your home efficiently while using different cleaning functions to take on the task.

But what’s the point of them?

Well, there’s quite a few benefits that come with owning a robot vacuum; check em out:

Reduces The Amount Of Time You Spend Cleaning – Robot hoovers will never completely replace your traditional hoover. Still, they do significantly reduce the amount of time spent on chores. 

Gets Into Hard To Reach Areas – The problem with traditional hoovers is it’s super hard to get under low tables or couches. Robot hoovers have a low ride height that makes it easy to reach the places you can’t.

Great For Your Health – Cleaning your home regularly can improve air quality by removing harmful allergens. They use unique allergen lock bags to ensure they stay in the bag. And not to mention, those that suffer with physical health conditions will benefit greatly from not having to swing round a traditional hoover.

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They Can Be Controlled Remotely – There’s nothing worse than people coming around when the house is dirty, and sometimes it can be pretty unexpected. If that happens, your robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled remotely, so you never get caught out.

Robot Hoover Buying Guide

Not all hoovers come with the same features, so if you want to get the most out of it, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick guide:

Suction Power

It’s probably one of the most important factors to think about when buying a robot hoover, and it can vary between models, so you need to watch out.

The level of suction you need will depend on your house; for example, to get the dirt out of the carpet, you’ll need a hoover with high suction power.

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The great thing about robot hoovers is they’re great at getting into the hard to reach spaces, which is why you should think about the size. 

They come with different ride heights, so ideally, you’re looking for something that fits under the sofa.

Keeping this in my mind will ensure you get a deep clean each time it runs.

Smart Mapping

Smart mapping is a pretty advanced feature and will undoubtedly add a little to the price, but the feature itself is pretty cool.

It allows the robot to map each room of the house, including the obstacles it comes across, and is constantly learning any changes. 

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This then allows you to target specific rooms for cleaning on different days. You can even ask Alexa to hoover your bedroom, and the robot will get to work.

Dustbin Size

Because of the relatively small size of robot vacuums, you tend to have to empty them a lot, which can get pretty annoying. 

The problem is, the larger the dustbin, the bigger the robot will be!

The idea is to find something that reaches that sweet spot; this tends to be around 750 ml to 1 liter.

Make sure you do regularly empty the bin to avoid any damage.

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Again, it’s another fancy feature that’s sure to add an extra cost, but it does make your life easier, and it’s better for your health.

Here’s the thing:

They need to be emptied a least once every other day, depending on how bad the floor is. A self-emptying hoover can reduce this to nearly once a week or longer.

More importantly, they keep the allergens locked with 99% efficiency


There’s nothing worse than having to remember to charge all your devices before bed each night. Nowadays, people have several devices that need regular charging. 

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Which is why self-charging Roombas in particular are so efficient.

Now they’re always ready to go when you need them, and if they haven’t finished the cleaning, they will continue from the point they left off.


If you want to control the hoover while you’re out of the house, you’ll need to check what connectivity the robot offers.

Some only use Bluetooth, which means you need to be in the robot’s range to activate the cleaning modes.

The best option is Wi-Fi, this allows you to control it from anywhere and link it with a voice assistant of your choice.

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Voice Assistant

Have you already got an established voice assistant in your home? Well, you better make sure the hoover is compatible if you want to link the devices.

Most work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but you should still check before purchasing.


One of the most significant benefits is being able to schedule the cleaning; it means once you have set up your schedule you don’t have to think anymore about hoovering.

They work with multiple schedules and can be overridden using the app.

You can even set schedules using your voice assistant.

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Keep Out Zones

Some places the robot will struggle to clean, or it’s not safe for it to go in that area. This is why some robots will let you set keep out zones.

It stops the robot from passing any virtual barrier you set.

Wrapping Up

A robot vacuum cleaner can bring plenty of benefits to your life, the biggest one being the amount of spare time it can free up.

With people’s daily lives getting busier than ever, it’s getting increasingly important to find time to spend with family and friends.

And that’s precisely what a robot hoover can do for you. 

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