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7 Social media tools to use in 2020

What social media tools should you consider having for the next year? Let’s find out.

The year 2020 is coming, without a doubt! You need to brace yourself and choose yourself a suite of tools to use in the upcoming year. While they are only tools and definitely won’t replace your social media strategy, they can help you get your social media tactics back on track.

What social media tools should you consider having for the next year? Let’s find out. 

NapoleonCat as the ultimate social media tool

If you are in charge of profiles on social media, you need to have a reliable social media tool to help you with scheduling, management or building a community. This is where NapoleonCat steps up with great abilities to support your everyday work. NapoleonCat is one of those social media management tools that you want to stay with and invest in. 

Reevio for creating social media videos

Videos rock the world of social media, but many marketers stay away from this form of content in fear of spending too much time or money on creating it. Not any longer. Reevio enables creating videos on the spot, which makes it a piece of social media software that any social media marketer would love to include in their toolbox. 

Venngage for preparing social media graphics

Is it a classic social media tool? Not necessarily, but you know that you can’t be successful on social media without appealing graphics. This is what you can do with Venngage – a tool that gives you great opportunities for creating graphics such as infographics, posters, brochures or social media posts. It all happens online and without much hassle or involving your graphic design team. It is also very intuitive, so it won’t be a troublemaker for any social media manager. 

Chatbotize for building chatbots

Do you think that building chatbots is difficult? Not with Chatbotize – this social media tool helps you build your own chatbot in minutes, using one of the various plugins and templates. No matter if you want to use your chatbot to create a contest, a quiz or just to support your customer service efforts, Chatbotize will be a good solution that can skyrocket your marketing activities and engage your clients and potential followers even more. 

Grytics for analyzing group performance

Another social media tracking tool. Grytics can help you recognize bottlenecks in your Facebook groups and analyze performance so that you can deliver better content and reach more of the group members. While Facebook itself delivers some statistics, this social media tool shows more comprehensive comparisons. 

RocketLink for smart remarketing 

Have you ever thought about shortening your links for business purposes? If not, you should definitely get interested in this topic. RocketLink helps you shorten your links (even leading to some external topics) and use them for social media remarketing and creating custom audiences, for example for Facebook. This way you can retarget anyone who got familiar with your content on various platforms. 

Brand24 for identifying mentions 

Don’t underestimate the power of social media listening tools. With Brand24, you are able to track mentions about your brand on social media and react to them in real-time. Why would you care to do so? This is how you can win your clients’ hearts on social media, avoid a crisis or solve a problem almost immediately. If you ignore social media listening, you can be in trouble, so it is important to have this kind of social media tool to keep an eye on what, where and when is said about your brand. 

To wrap-up

Of course, tools are only tools and they were created to help you with everyday efforts with your social media strategy. They can’t replace your work, they can only make it easier, but this is more than enough to consider investing in them and to find out how they can ease your social media pain. Before you purchase any social media tool, though, you should give it a try to check if it suits your business needs and if it is intuitive enough for your team. Good luck!

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