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Types of logo types and their uses

What most business owners fail to realize is that a logo is one of the most important factors in the success of any business. A logo is mainly designed to promote or identify business and the brand that it has.

When starting a business, one of the last steps in the process is creating a brand through a logo. For this reason, this step is usually not given as much preparation and thought. However, what most business owners fail to realize is that a logo is one of the most important factors in the success of any business. A logo is mainly designed to promote or identify business and the brand that it has.

As we can see, a bad logo can ultimately steer clients away from a company as opposed to attracting them. As far as what qualities make up a bad logo, some of the main qualities include using too many colors, not being niche-specific, and not being location-specific. Nonetheless, other important factors are essential for building a good company logo. In reality, these factors are a big reason why different logos are better for different industries. The many markets within different industries make it so that there are many different ways to design a logo. That said, this process of creating a logo requires good knowledge of the different types of logos.

With this in mind, let’s go over the different logotypes and their uses.

The Wordmark Logotype

First off, the Wordmark logotype is perfect for any business that has a longer brand title or name. Given this type is a font-based logo, it makes it easy to use when combined with other elements such as initials or other forms of typography. Its wide range of uses with words also makes this type one of the most creative to use.

The Monogram Logotype

Not to be confused with the wordmark logotype, the monogram logotype is another font-based style that focuses on words. However, the biggest difference is that the monogram is mostly used involving brand initials. Examples of successful monogram logotypes include IBM, HBO, and CNN. As we can see, it is one of the simplest types of logos to use for a brand.

The Pictorial Mark Logotype

Also known as the icon-based logotype, the Pictorialmark is easily one of the most popular types for technology or younger companies. This type allows companies to brand themselves in a simple but more vibrant way. Some of the most successful companies in the world such as Apple and Twitter use this type. When it comes to learning how to make a logo, most beginners choose this type because it is a basic yet well-rounded logotype.

The Abstract Mark Logotype

Similar to the pictorial mark, the abstract mark logotype is a more geometrical and symbolic logo. This is an effective logotype in that it portrays the entirety of a brand in one single image. Companies like Pepsi and Adidas have some of the best examples of this type. Worth noting, this type requires more color than usual.

The Combination Mark Logotype

A traditional logotype that is still as effective as ever is the combination mark logotype. As its name suggests, this type uses a combination of any other type. In most cases, the two different types of logos used are either layered on top of each other or next to each other to provide a unique effect.

The Emblem Logotype

The most overlooked logotype has to be the emblem logotype. This type usually makes up a badge or crest-like form creatively and recognizably. Because of its design, it is usually used with organizations such as schools or clubs as opposed to businesses. Although, it can be used within the combination mark logotype for creative designs.

The Mascot Logotype

Last but not least is the mascot logotype. This logotype is a more colorful and cartoonish type that can be customized at virtually every turn. Successful companies that have used this type include Kool-Aid and KFC. The only thing to be careful within this logo is to not go overboard with the design. Remember that simplicity is most often the best quality to have.

Logotypes Within Different Industries

The most important thing to take note of when designing a logo is the specific industry your business is in. As mentioned before, different logotypes fit specific niche better than others. Also worth noting, test out different designs and logotypes to find the best fit four your niche.

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