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Microsoft moves to become more relevant to startups

Microsoft is making a shift to becoming more relevant to innovative enterprises and start-ups by giving them resources that promote productivity, security, and mobility—the key pillars that, according to the company, accelerate business growth.

Tovia Va’aelua, Microsoft’s Innovative Enterprises Lead, Microsoft Philippines

“We’ve never been relevant to innovative enterprises until now,” says Tovia Va’aelua, Microsoft’s Innovative Enterprises Lead, Microsoft Philippines. “We want to be the accelerator that helps innovative enterprises to move forward and move forward very quickly. We also want to be part of the ideas of innovative enterprises no matter how small or big they are.”

As part of its approach to help startups thrive, Microsoft has partnered with co-working space provider Penbrothers and Dell to showcase what the latest cloud technology combined with a new working environment can offer.

Microsoft’s partnership with Penbrothers aims to enable employees with the right technology, support and work environment that empowers them to be more productive and efficient and thus preparing them for a new world of work.

One tool that Microsoft is offering to Penbrothers residents is the Windows 10 Pro for Business, an upgrade from the Windows 10 Home that enables businesses to do great things from anywhere, has the built-in security and flexibility to keep up with business growth. It is safer and more secure, with enhanced encryption that protect companies from modern security threats. Windows 10 Pro Business gives agile, cost-effective features that helps companies better manage and protect systems and data.

Showcasing Microsoft’s cloud, productivity, and collaboration via Dell’s newest line of gadgets, companies residing in Penbrothers are given access to new capabilities that will not just do work faster, but also reinvent how things are done and communicated. As Office 365’s intelligent cloud and other features can be used in different devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, this helps workers with their need to seamlessly connect, interact, and share with one another, highlighting the essence of an effective co-working.

With Office 365’s improved cloud technology, files, documents, and data can be created, edited, and shared through any device – be it a PC, Mac, an iOS device, Android, or Windows – with anyone in real time. This helps businesses connect better with customers and co-workers with a wider range of communication tools. Space is not a problem, as 1 TB per user will provide plenty of space for files. Because the files are stored online, it can be shared with people in or outside a company, wherever, whenever.



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