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Lifetrack Medical Systems delivers radiology services via the cloud

In order to address the increasing shortage of highly-proficient radiologists, Lifetrack Medical Systems pairs up resident level radiologists with experienced local and international practitioners through its cloud-based platform powered by Amazon Web Services.

Eric Schulze, CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems

Eric Schulze, CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems

Lifetrack Medical Systems provides professional radiology services and healthcare software solutions, focused on Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communications System (RIS PACS). The company serves clients all over Asia and the US, with 60 staff including 45 Radiologists, 3 developers and 2 nurses.

Using the AWS cloud computing platform as the infrastructure backbone, the company is able to help healthcare institutions gain easy and efficient access to its healthcare software solutions and its pool of dedicated radiologists.

According to research published in the Journal of American College of Radiology (Patients Prefer Results From the Ordering Provider and Access to Their Radiology Reports, 16 April 2015), about one third of participants said they preferred to have direct communication with the radiologist either by phone or face-to-face.

However, particularly in Asia, many patients do not have the luxury of such direct communication as there is an acute shortage of radiologists. Lifetrack Medical Systems, a digital healthcare startup based in the Philippines, is aiming to address the gap with innovative software and services built on AWS.

Global Shortage of highly trained radiologists

“We are seeing two fast growing trends associated with the demand for healthcare services.  One is the urgent need for inexpensive digital radiology software that also enhances the radiologists ability to accurately and efficiently analyze medical images wherever the patient may be.  Another driver of demand is the global shortage of highly trained radiologists,” said Eric Schulze, CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems.

In order to address the increasing shortage of highly-proficient radiologists, Lifetrack Medical Systems pairs up resident level radiologists with experienced local and international practitioners through its cloud-based solution.

The resident level radiologists make an initial reading in a browser-based viewer that supports their assessments with interactive educational content. They then submit the report to a senior radiologist to review, edit and provide further comments which rapidly results in the resident level radiologist reaching the same standard as the senior radiologist, thereby achieving sustainable social impact through the scaling of radiology training.

Engineered from ground up

Lifetrack Medical Systems was engineered from the ground up to take advantage of the unique scalability and reliability of AWS cloud services to deliver professional radiology services healthcare software, and education solutions. Using AWS global cloud computing platform, Lifetrack Medical Systems designed its architecture to be highly resilient so that it can serve all its customers located in India, Singapore, Kazakhstan, United States, and Philippines.

Among the users include the Regional Radiology, one of the company’s largest emergency room radiology/teleradiology clients in the United States. Lifetrack Medical Systems also works with resellers across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America such as BizBox in the Philippines and VeloSoft in Indonesia.

“Without AWS, this business would not have been possible. We have a widely distributed group of radiologists available, who live and work in United States, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.  Hence a reliable technology platform is essential for the radiologists to gain access to our cloud-based solution 24x7x365.”

Huge cut in initial spending

By running the solution on AWS, Lifetrack Medical Systems was able to avoid spending at least US$100,000 on the initial hardware costs and reduced the monthly operation cost by more than 300 percent. The company was also able to speed time-to-market for their services, updates and new features which used to take at least 6 months to now within 30 minutes across multiple geographic locations.

“Being able to access and manage our services anytime with the highest security standards, scale up and down the infrastructure resources when necessary, are just some of the benefits that we are enjoying by being on AWS,” added Schulze.

Lifetrack Medical Systems is expecting a rise in demand for tele-radiology services and radiology training within the next two years, and is planning to expand into Africa, the Middle East, Australia as well as Central Asia.

“Our core business and expertise is to train more highly proficient radiologists using our borderless cloud-based solutions so that health symptoms can be analyzed and detected much more accurately, leading to more lives being saved early,” said Schulze. “AWS is a trusted technology platform that enables us to achieve scalable social impact globally with the required speed and ease of deployment.”

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