HP, Microsoft to power nurses with mobility and cloud solutions

Microsoft is partnering with HP to create and offer the Nurse Mobility solution that will enable nurses with technologies specifically tailored for the Philippines healthcare industry.

The solution includes integration into Electronic Medical Records, Nurse Learning Management, Office 365, and HP tablets with stylus, Skype and other specific applications.

This solution will allow nurses to be more productive, collaborate as care teams, anytime, anywhere, resulting in better health outcomes for patients. The solution will help reduce paperwork to enable nurses to spend more time caring for the patients contributing towards better quality of care and health outcomes and greater hospital efficiencies.

Improved nurse productivity using Microsoft and HP solutions will reduce nurse fatigue, create a better working environment, provide up-to-date skills and help provide better patient satisfaction.

“The Nurse Mobility solution represents Microsoft’s commitment to helping Nurses and organizations realize their full potential through technology,” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager for Microsoft Philippines. “With this partnership, we help enable nurses and hospitals to be smarter with their resources, be more productive, and transform the way they deliver healthcare services for Filipinos.”

“Health is one of the key focus areas of Microsoft. We aim to create a real impact for better health with our mobility and cloud solutions to healthcare providers, payers and governments,” added Callum Bir, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Director for Health.

Throughout 2014, Microsoft has been in consultative discussions with various Philippine healthcare organizations and hospitals to ascertain the needs of the industry and how Microsoft can help address some these needs through technology.

Karrie Ilagan, added that with the more and more Filipino nurses connected through their devices will improve our workforce, benefit out overall health industry, and improve our lives and contribute to economy. “By investing in our nurses, we as a nation can be more competitive.”

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