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Smart launches BYOD plans for enterprises

In recent years, workplaces have witnessed the rise of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. A company’s in-house BYOD policy governs how employees may use their personal devices in accessing corporate data and systems.

BYOD encourages company employees to work on the device they choose – like accessing corporate email on their iPhone 5s or using a Google Nexus 7 to do the payroll on their online portal.

The benefits to companies include increased productivity and employee satisfaction, since employees now use the devices they are most comfortable with. Also, they avoid the necessity or hassle of carrying multiple devices.

Many companies have successfully incorporated BYOD policies into their business plans, and the number is rising. A recent survey showed that the percentage of BYOD-friendly enterprises rose from 72 to 76 percent between 2011 and 2012, while the percentage without a BYOD plan dropped from 9 to 5 percent.

New SMART Enterprise plans are specifically designed for fully enabled BYOD policies. Unlike other SIM-only plans, which often feature 12-month lockout periods and yet no significant cost savings over plans with subsidized devices, the SMART BYOD plans feature maximum freedom and flexibility.

SMART BYOD plans have no lock-in period and no pre-termination fees; users can terminate their contracts at any time they like. They also offer one of the most affordable unlimited calls/SMS/data plans on the Philippine market.

Even the most basic plans come with valuable inclusions. They range from a basic Php200 plan with unlimited calling within a calling circle and unlimited SMS to other SMART numbers, up to a Php1000 plan with unlimited calls and texts to SMART, SUN, and Talk n’ Text subscribers along with unlimited data.

Other plans include a Php300 plan with unlimited calls and SMS to SMART, and a Php500 plan with unlimited calls and SMS to SMART and Sun. On all plans, you can also enjoy rates of Php5/minute calls to off-network numbers, and a lower Php0.50/SMS rate to off-network numbers.

These kinds of plans, designed as they are for easy BYOD implementation, are perfect for workforces with high attrition rates. Take the case of a BPO employer. BPO employees are famous for high turnover.

Distributing cellphones to your workforce and provisioning, maintaining, and supervising said devices and their plans is time-consuming on its own; to have to contend with large numbers of employees leaving (and having to reclaim and wipe their devices) as well as large numbers of new employees entering the workforce (and having to set them up with new devices) complicates the matter exponentially.

SMART’s BYOD plans present a simple solution to such a conundrum. Instead of provisioning a new device for every new employee, the BPO simply issues them a BYOD-plan SIM card, which they can use in their own devices. No matter when the employee leaves, the plan can be deactivated with minimal fuss and no extra charge.

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