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D-Link launches newest member of ShareCenter family

A fast and flexible solution for home data storage, backups and media streaming, the DNS-327L supports D-Link’s unique mydlink Cloud Services to provide these capabilities remotely on any mobile device or PC. With Zero Configuration capability, the DNS-327L is also easier than ever to set up.

D-Link International Pte Ltd, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of networking products has announced the launch of the DNS-327L ShareCenter + 2-Bay Cloud Network Storage Enclosure, the newest member of D-Link’s award-winning ShareCenter family. A fast and flexible solution for home data storage, backups and media streaming, the DNS-327L supports D-Link’s mydlink Cloud Services to provide these capabilities remotely on any mobile device or PC. With Zero Configuration capability, the DNS-327L is also easy to set up.

ShareCenterWith DNS-327L, the possibilities are practically endless: stream music from your home library on your smartphone in the car, view your HD movies on the main TV in your living room without turning on the computer, show your friends vacation photos from your home collection on your iPad while at your favorite café, the DNS-327L re-imagines home storage for today’s mobile needs.

“With free-to-use mydlink Cloud Services and Zero Configuration, the DNS-327L brings a new level of convenience to file storage, sharing, and media streaming,” said Jonathan Quek, product marketing director, D-Link International Pte Ltd. “What’s more, D-Link is now leading the way in providing these capabilities remotely. Media and documents stored on the DNS-327L are instantly available on any Internet-connected mobile device, so all your movies and music are at your fingertips no matter where you go. You’ll never run out of media or forget a crucial file at home.”

Today’s smartphones and tablets have become central to daily life. Unfortunately, they seldom come with enough storage capacity for all our data. The DNS-327L, with support for mydlink Cloud Services, sidesteps this limitation by offering practically unlimited storage for your home content library, and enabling you to reach it from all your devices at any time. No more time wasted managing files or deciding which of your movies and music to sync. Whatever you need is available whenever you want, in your own personal cloud.

Being DLNA certified, the DNS-327L can serve your collection to a huge variety of standalone media players and video game consoles. You can stream media directly on your TV without turning on your computer, removing the need for a dedicated media PC. Those with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad will also appreciate the iTunes media server integrated into the NAS. The in-built P2P download engine simplifies the process of downloading new content. Because it’s your media, you enjoy what you want, on any of your devices, without the additional cost of subscription to a streaming service.

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The DNS-327L sets a new standard for ease of use with support for D-Link’s unique Zero Configuration capability. When paired with a compatible D-Link Cloud Router, the DNS-327L will be automatically detected; all it takes is inserting a drive or two and pressing a button on the mydlink portal. With the aid of a convenient software wizard, drives can optionally be installed together in a RAID 1 configuration to prevent data loss if one drive fails. Alternatively paired drives can be installed in other modes (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0). Feature-rich backup software and support for Apple® Time Machine help ensure the integrity of your most important data from all of your devices.

The DNS-327L is the first D-Link NAS that comes with “My Surveillance” application. It integrates the basic network video recording (NVR) function by providing the ability to set up a comprehensive surveillance system with mydlink cloud cameras without complicated setup. You will be able to do four-channel recording and playback in DNS-327L, ideal for those users who would like to have both NAS and basic NVR feature in one single device.


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