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Globe Telecom staff collaborate real-time via Google Apps

Globe Telecom’s employees can now connect and collaborate anywhere at anytime using a device with Google Apps, a cloud-based tool designed for real-time collaboration that will empower the company’s workers to serve its clients better.

Globe Telecom’s employees can now connect and collaborate anywhere, anytime using a mobile device installed with Google Apps, a cloud-based tool designed for real-time collaboration that will empower the company’s workers to serve its clients better.

Designed to provide Globe Telecom with flexibility to deliver more for its customers by enhancing mobility of close to 6,000 employees, supportive of a 24-7 service, the project is in recognition of market-changing global advances in mobile technology which has been changing the way people communicate and industries conduct business.

“The decision to go Google will change the way we work as the new tools and applications will give our employees greater freedom to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere using any device,” emphasized Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom President. “We believe that a collaborative workforce enhances employee engagement which, in turn, will delight our customers.”

A suite of online productivity and collaboration tools that include such products as Gmail, Google Drive format, Google+, storage, and Google Calendar for scheduling, Google Apps are expected to provide in-house communication breakthrough. These allow employees to hold meetings online, share videos or data with ease, as well as chat and meet online.

Cu stressed that the Google project came about as an extension to the work they are doing over the past couple of years. “We do a lot of efforts to promote collaboration to bring about more innovative products and solutions for the customers.”

Cu claims the project will help build the capability of their people and transform the way they work to deliver superior customer experience.

Google, on the other hand, is very privileged to support Globe Telecom on this journey as the company joins over five million businesses around the world that have moved to Google Apps and already discovered the benefits of working together. “We look forward to seeing what the Globe team will do when they have access to these tools,” said Ricky Kapur, Managing Director of Google Enterprise Asia.

“Any telecommunications service provider, with a desire to attract and keep customers cannot afford to ignore the gains in mobile technology,” said Cu. “This collaboration with Google will enable us to future-proof our working environment in step with our future-proof network and IT infrastructure, he added, referring to the massive $790 million network and IT transformation project that the company recently embarked on.

Cu emphasized that the company’s journey to the cloud will not affect the cloud services it offers to its customers. “We believe in the freedom of choice. We give that to our customers,” he claims, adding “Globe, being an enterprise partner, could also be a reseller of Google Apps.”

Henry Rhoel Aguda, Globe Telecom’s Chief Information Officer, on the other hand, mentioned that they conducted a user case study among Globe Telecom’s employees to test the functionality and capability of Google Apps. The study resulted in 62 project sites in (only) a span of five days coming from departments with no IT background.

Aguda also mentioned the specifics of implementation to be carried out in pursuing the Google collaboration project. “The project will proceed with the changing of our messaging platform. On top of that, we’ll develop collaboration platform, develop a social media intended for our customers, and finally, having integration to the mainstream social networking sites.” He also said that the telecom company will install unified communication suite.

Globe Telecom moved to its new corporate headquarters this month with Google Apps supporting a clutter-free and paperless environment envisioned at the new headquarters, as employees will be working through an online platform that will allow a green office transaction initiative.

Located in the premier district of Bonifacio Global City, The Globe Tower will be the main hub of company transactions and will bring together close to 4,000 employees currently housed in several business offices situated in different areas in Metro Manila.

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