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Oracle aims to help companies avoid risky do-it-yourself systems

Oracle aims to help companies avoid the risks associated with costly do-it-yourself systems with the launch of the company’s fastest engineered system ever, the new Oracle SuperCluster T5-8.

The Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

The Oracle SuperCluster T5-8

Oracle aims to help companies avoid the risks associated with costly do-it-yourself systems with the launch of the company’s fastest engineered system ever, the new Oracle SuperCluster T5-8.  

Combining the strengths of the SPARC T5-8 servers, Oracle Exadata Storage Server hardware with Oracle database, middleware and systems software, the SuperCluster T5-8 provides up to 10x faster database and application performance than a build-your-own IT approach. It also delivers 2.5x better performance than the previous generation SuperCluster.

Versus a build-your-own IT approach, Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 helps increase data center efficiency through 5x lower TCO by running Oracle Database and enterprise applications together on a single system, according to a statement released by the company. The system also enables through 5x faster time to value, and 32x faster deployment of database cloud services.

Engineered with “no single point of failure,” SuperCluster T5-8 enables the high availability needed for enterprise-critical databases and applications.

Oracle SuperCluster T5-8, with built-in zero-overhead virtualization and security, combined with database and infrastructure-as-a-service capabilities, is ideal for consolidation and enterprise private cloud deployments.

The system integrates over 16 TB of high-performance flash storage along with hundreds of compute cores of the world’s fastest microprocessor and hundreds of terabytes of accelerated database storage. The system is tightly coupled with an extreme low-latency fabric.

Oracle accelerates application and database cloud service deployments on SuperCluster with Oracle Optimized Solutions for the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, Enterprise Database Cloud, Oracle WebCenter Content and SAP.

The following technologies, integrated together to create the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8, enables customers to avoid the risks associated with build-it-yourself systems:

-New features in Oracle Solaris 11 provide unique capabilities for Oracle Database Administrators and Java Application Architects. Co-engineered with Oracle software and hardware, Oracle Solaris features self-healing capabilities and helps meet demanding compliance requirements for enterprise cloud deployments.

-Oracle VM Server for SPARC enables provisioning of databases and applications across a range of performance, capacity and availability attributes to cost effectively manage SLAs. Combining the provisioning capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11 with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center makes it possible to rapidly configure, deploy, monitor and manage the most sophisticated and secure agile mission-critical service environments

-Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c uses a holistic approach to manage Oracle SuperCluster and provides comprehensive lifecycle management from monitoring to management and ongoing maintenance for the entire system.

-Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7320 Appliances provide the high throughput, high performance to power Oracle Database and I/O-intensive enterprise applications, as well as maximum levels of efficiency to help reduce capacity and enable storage consolidation.

“Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 runs Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic up to 10x faster than systems pieced together by costly integration projects,” said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems, Oracle. “The benefits of this virtualized system extend to any application that uses Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic today, without changes, making this the world’s best enterprise mission critical consolidation platform.  Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 can be applied with equal ease to problems of tremendous scale, or to transformative consolidation with impressive economics.”

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