Canon rolls out new compact cameras

Canon recently rolled out new compact cameras from the PowerShot division.

Sporting a new sleek design, the Canon PowerShot N features dual shutter buttons located on top and bottom of the zoom-enabled lens, allowing one-handed operation. Its new 2.8-inch tilt-up LCD touch panel allows photographers to shoot diagonally, horizontally, from low or high angles for versatile expression.

Canon PowerShot N

Canon PowerShot N

Moreover, Canon PowerShot N features a new Creative Shot mode for artistic image capture, automatically creating an additional five unique images every time such as fish eye, miniature and toy camera effect. The 12.1 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 Image Processor create the Canon HS SYSTEM for stunning image quality and low-light performance, ensuring every photo is a powerful statement. If you want to capture not just still images, like the wedding of your best friend or the christening of your first child, you can fully express yourself with moving images complete with sound and music with 1080p Full HD video.

An 8x Optical Zoom with 28mm wide-angle lens captures brilliant images with grandeur, from up close or far away. It has a Canon ZoomPlus technology which allows you to zoom up to 16 times while maintaining a high level of image clarity even in the digital zoom region, and exceeds the optical zoom’s supported magnification. High-speed and low-light photos remain sharp due to a high ISO speed of 6400.

With the enhanced built-in WiFi of Canon PowerShot N, photographers can instantly share photos with other Canon WiFi-enabled cameras or other wireless devices using the free Canon Camera Window App, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Canon PowerShot N features a tilt-up LCD panel

The Canon PowerShot N features a tilt-up LCD panel

Canon PowerShot A-Series
The slim and light PowerShot A2500 packs in the punches with a 16-Megapixel sensor and a DIGIC 4 Image Processor which capture even the littlest details and preserves natural color. The high resolution per photo makes it perfect for large-scale prints (A3+) or creative cropping.

Canon PowerShot A2500

Canon PowerShot A2500

Armed with the Smart AUTO feature, this camera recognizes 32 shooting situations and automatically chooses the proper camera settings, making it a breeze for beginners and busy people to use.

Wide-angled shots or large group shots are now possible with the PowerShot A2500’s 28mm lens. Its 5x optical zoom also allows you to get nearer distant subjects or get even closer with the 10x ZoomPlus, an advanced zoom technology with more visible detail and sharpness than the conventional digital zoom.

Spontaneous situations will no longer have you fumbling with the settings. The camera, packed with Digital IS which counteracts blur and ensures clear, sharp shots, detects camera movement then uses sophisticated shake reduction technology to automatically deliver optimum results.

The PowerShot A2500 has a price tag of PHP4,998.

The equally slim and powerful PowerShot A2600 gives you the same features as the A2500 but offers better viewing options with a larger 3” LCD screen at PHP 5,998.

Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi-ready PowerShot A3500 IS gives you the luxury of sharing these precious moments on social networking sites with friends and family as they happen using the free iOS or Android-compatible Canon Camera Window App. This model will retail at a suggested price of PHP 8,498. Now you can show off your best moments with the best image capturing devices from Canon.

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