Keep your Android handsets in the pink of health with a few small tweaks

How to keep your Android unit going.

By Sun Cellular

With over 600,000 applications and games available to Android handsets, we sometimes forget to give it a check and keep it in its topmost shape. Due to this, our batteries drain quickly and our phones lag frequently. Lucky for us, Android handsets are so easy to manage that doing a few little tweaks can be enough for us to continue enjoying it.

AndroidTo avoid our Android handsets from lagging, or worse, freezing, freeing up some memory is the key. One may opt to delete or uninstall applications and games that they don’t use by going to settings, applications and manage applications. From there, you can view which apps chew up most of your handset’s memory and decide which ones to uninstall. Also, always checking the task manager can make us easily end active applications that we don’t really use. There are also available applications in Google Play Store that can help clean up our Android handset’s memory such as Advanced Task Manager. But if the phone freezes up, restarting the handset usually does the trick.

Now for those whose batteries are easily drained, deactivating WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth can do the trick. You can also increase the time duration of notification inflow from applications such as Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. Minimizing the brightness of the display and using relatively dark-colored wallpapers also help reduce battery usage. And while the summer heat always comes blazing, it is important to keep our handsets in a room with cool temperature as much as possible. Needless to say, following these simple tricks can prolong our smartphone enjoyment.

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