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IP-Converge launches Phl’s first online payment for cloud services

IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IP-Converge) has announced that it launched the Philippines’ first and only online payment facility for cloud services on its web portal

Pioneering cloud services provider IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IP-Converge) has announced that it launched the Philippines’ first and only online payment facility for cloud services on its web portal Through this website, consumers and companies can now subscribe to, and make use of IP-Converge Cloud Servers on-demand via all major credit cards.


“This is a historical development in the local Cloud Services arena and we are indeed very proud to be the first to provide this service to Filipino businesses and entrepreneurs,” says IP-Converge president Reynaldo R. Huergas. “No other provider offers locally hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that’s accessible on the fly via online payment, and is charged on a usage-based subscription basis. Small businesses and entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to compete with larger enterprises digitally by harnessing the power of the Cloud.”

IP-Converge’s Cloud Services portal provides Cloud Servers, which are virtual servers that share the same attributes of physical ones, but are essentially available on-demand and highly scalable, allowing companies to increase or decrease their server, memory, or storage capacity whenever required. With this usage-based billing arrangement, a subscriber is charged on a monthly basis only for the actual capacity subscribed to. For instance, a company can use a quad-core server with 2GB of RAM and 5GB of storage upon subscription, and upgrade to 6-core, 6GB memory immediately as needed, and usage will be billed accordingly at the end of the month.

With the online payment facility, the subscription and billing processes are made even more convenient as a subscriber is billed on a monthly basis through credit card. Companies no longer need to go through the tedious tasks of check payment processing and over-the-counter bank deposits.

“Local companies now stand to be empowered by the Cloud to help hasten business growth. This is the perfect solution for small enterprises with critical IT requirements, but with a minimal IT budget. The ability to access servers on the cloud and pay for them as an operational expense instead of a capital investment is a game-changer especially for startups, as this allows them to utilize only the IT resources that they need, and increase their capacity as their business expands,” IP-Converge marketing director Niño Valmonte says.

He adds: “The online payment feature also makes especially appealing to casual users such as practicing application developers and systems engineers, or even IT students who need to use a server to test their homegrown applications. They simply subscribe via credit card and use a cloud server as and when they need it.”

Huergas stressed that “it is important to make these resources available to students as they are the next generation of IT gurus. Now, through the Cloud, they are able to utilize computing power and capacity for applications development and see their ideas come to life, without having to invest on physical IT equipment.” was launched by IP-Converge last year as the country’s first locally hosted IaaS portal with usage-based billing capability.

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