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5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Buying a New Laptop

If you’re the type of consumer who prefers to hold onto products until the proverbial wheels fall off, what signs are there that you should at least consider getting a new laptop?

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Did you know laptop sales last year were projected to be approximately 157 million units?

Depending on the source you consult, a laptop can last four to five years. You may wish to squeeze more life out of it than the high end of that range. But the odds are your laptop will be ancient by then. And if you use your laptop for school or work, you might not want to rely on it if the battery is past its prime or the machine is sluggish compared to a newer laptop.

But if you’re the type of consumer who prefers to hold onto products until the proverbial wheels fall off, what signs are there that you should at least consider getting a new laptop?

Here are five signs that your current laptop is close to the end of its lifecycle.

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1. Battery Power Is Underwhelming

By the time a laptop battery loses significant battery capacity, it’s time to consider replacing it. A laptop with a shot battery won’t be much good if you can’t plug into an electrical socket for power. So, if you can’t rely on the battery, you can either buy a new battery or replace your laptop. The latter option is often preferable. Why? When a laptop battery is bad, the machine may also be at or near the end of its lifecycle. A new laptop will solve those issues and ensure you’re not tethered to a power socket for power to operate the machine.

A good laptop doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re seeking a new laptop north of the Canada-U.S. border, look for laptop deals in Canada. You can get a good machine for a good price.

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2. Wear and Tear Is Showing

If your machine has wear and tear, that’s a telltale sign to get a replacement. Few things are more frustrating than a laptop with sluggish — almost sloth-like — speed. Completing assignments or projects can be difficult if your machine isn’t up to the challenge. Efficiency will take a hit if your computer is so old that it lags behind a modern computer. Chances are good, you’ll be better off investing in a new computer with the specs you need.

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3. Laptop Screen Is Subpar

If your laptop screen is faulty, that’s a sure sign you need to get a new machine. If the screen flickers, has pixel issues, or is physically damaged, fixing the screen won’t be cost-effective. Your best bet is, in most cases, to get a new laptop.

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4. Laptop Won’t Turn On

If your laptop won’t power up, that’s a problem. If the battery has a sufficient charge, the laptop cord is plugged into a working electrical socket, and you still can’t turn on the computer, check to see how to reboot your laptop. You might find that your machine has suffered a catastrophic failure.

Trying to fix an older computer that needs extensive repairs might be akin to throwing good money after bad — and that’s not good if you want to be financially responsible. A new laptop that’ll afford years of reliable service is a far wiser decision when dealing with a malfunctioning machine.

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5. Keyboard Doesn’t Work or Only Works Intermittently

It’s time to consider getting a new laptop if your keyboard isn’t working. Whether your laptop screen doesn’t work or works only sometimes, it might make sense to look into getting a new machine. The cost to get the keyboard repaired might not be worth it.

A problematic keyboard isn’t worth putting up with. It’ll make sense to look at laptops for personal use or laptops for work so you have a machine that works.

Have you experienced any of these five problems? If so, you might need a new laptop. Do your research and look into the cost to repair versus the cost to replace, and make the right choice.

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