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HEADLINES teams-up with Kookoo Crypto TV announced the partnership and are kicking things off by supporting a community-driven $RON validator node dedicated to the Filipino crypto community., the Philippine’s leading digital wallet provider and crypto exchange platform, is partnering with top Filipino web3 and gaming content creator Kookoo Crypto TV to revolutionize and further drive digitization in the Philippines. announced the partnership and are kicking things off by supporting a community-driven $RON validator node dedicated to the Filipino crypto community.

This partnership between and KooKoo will provide access to users to buy and sell $RON and educate them on how to delegate their $RON tokens to earn rewards while participating in the validation process of the blockchain. As a valued and well-established member of the Ronin Community, Kookoo is leading the charge to help educate and drive Filipinos toward digitization, pushing for further and heavier adoption of blockchain technology in the Philippines, and together with Coins, the community will be able to buy $RON directly from Coins Pro, the first and only exchange in the Philippines to list and offer $RON.

Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and security of blockchains as they help to verify the authenticity of transactions before they are added to the blockchain while ensuring they also meet the rules and criteria of the network. By delegating $RON to the validator node, participants will keep this process secure while providing a more efficient way of validating transactions on the blockchain as well, ultimately benefiting the wider crypto community as a whole.

Once users have created their Ronin Wallet and funded it with $RON, they may already begin delegating $RON tokens to the Kookoo validator when staking by heading to and following these steps:

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How to Buy $RON

How to Delegate $RON

Note: You must have a Ronin Wallet and are logged in.

After connecting your Ronin Wallet, you can now:

  1. Click the “all validators” tab and look for the Kookoo validator
  2. Click “delegate” and enter your desired amount of $RON to stake
  3. Expand “estimated rewards” to view your estimated earnings. Please note that these figures are estimates and are not guarantees in any way, shape, or form.
  4. Click “confirm” to confirm the transaction

In the coming weeks, Kookoo and  are lining up exciting and informative content that the growing crypto community can look forward to. This content will provide users with the latest news and updates on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, as well as insights on how to navigate the space as a newcomer.


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