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Daikin introduces its newest inverter line-up, the Entry SkyAir Series

Daikin is excited to support the growth of SMEs in the country by providing them with more budget-friendly aircon solutions that are still equipped with all the features they value the most.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the Philippine economy, and will be vital in the country’s recovery from the recession, brought about by COVID-19. But with limited budget and so many priorities to think about due to the pandemic, entrepreneurs have become even more conscious of their spending and investment as they pursue new business in the next normal.

Daikin, the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturer, introduced its newest inverter line-up, the Entry SkyAir Series, for the light commercial market, specially designed for small-medium enterprises. The line-up is packed with value-added features for budget-conscious business owners. 

As per Takayoshi Miki, the President of Daikin Philippines, he has noticed a change in how the market is growing. He sees SMEs and start-ups braving the commercial market in the Philippines as we all strive to recover in 2021. Daikin is excited to support the growth of SMEs in the country by providing them with more budget-friendly aircon solutions that are still equipped with all the features they value the most.

The Entry SkyAir Series is a full line-up targeting the light commercial market wherein users can select an All-In-One Aircon Solution that is a blend of quality, affordability and functionality that comes in a wide range of models and configuration, such as Ceiling Cassette, Ceiling Suspended, Floor Standing, or even Ceiling Concealed type to ensure flexibility of use for all kinds of businesses. Due to the competitive price that offers a return of investment within two to three years period, they are proven to be cost-effective and worthwhile investments.

The new line-up promises to be extremely Energy Efficient by actually achieving a 5-star classification on the impending Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) rating system of the Department of Energy (DOE).  CSPF is the basis for the DOE’s forthcoming Energy Efficiency Classification, with five stars representing the highest level of efficiency. Achieving a 5-star CSPF classification means businesses will save a lot on running electricity costs, while creating comfortable and cool working environments.  

Moreover, a key issue when it comes to aircons is installation quality. This is why Daikin increased the basic piping length for the Entry Sky Air Series. The longer pipe length combined with improvements in its physical features and sizes offer more flexibility in terms of installation.  All models come with common piping size requirements to ensure installers can efficiently plan for the materials.

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“In Daikin, we also have a firm belief that carrying out quality workmanship is an essential part of getting the best out of your air conditioners,” said Miki. Regardless if your unit is of the best quality, inconveniences may arise if there are problems with the installation. With this in mind, Daikin provides an end-to-end solution that takes into account the importance of quality installation, through its Daikin Precision Piping Method, headlined by the Daikin Gas Tight (DGT) Joint.

The Daikin Gas Tight Joint (DGT) provides an alternative solution as a non-brazed connection for Refrigerant piping. Pipes can be joined easily and quickly without brazing or using any special tools. It meets the precise requirements in terms of safety and leak tightness while providing substantial benefits.

Daikin is also showcasing its unparalleled customer support through quality aircon installation provided by our Daikin Authorized dealers so that business owners are able to maximize their new inverters.

With the Entry Sky Air Series’ competitive prices and over 500 authorized Daikin dealers nationwide, small business owners can easily find an inverter that will fit their needs. 


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