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An outlook of the trucking industry in 2021

If you are looking to start a trucking business or a trucking career, 2021 is your year to do it.

2021 has been forecasted as the transitional year for the trucking industry. With people being forced to stay at home, practice social distance, and spend time in isolation, truck drivers’ demand has significantly increased throughout 2020. It is expected to rebound through 2021 from the effects the virus has had. Subsequently, the trucking industry is expected to grow into the year 2022.

If you are looking to start a trucking business or a trucking career, 2021 is your year to do it. Don’t forget to register for MC number trucking as you set up your trucking business.

Boost in Salary

The primary reason to get into the trucking business right now is the cash flow. Even for beginner drivers, the spot rates are comparatively higher than in 2020. The increased salary has much to do with the public’s increased interest in online shopping and the subsequent greater demand in manufacturer supply. Consequently, truck drivers are required to transport more loads. In case you are wondering, the average salary of a truck driver falls somewhere between $55 thousand and $60 thousand. At the same time, an entry-level driver’s salary falls somewhere between $40 thousand and $50 thousand. Drivers who have accumulated more experience over years of trucking fall in the category that exhibits more benefit and higher pay.

The average salary of a truck driver also rests on the carrier they drive for. Some carriers pay more than others because all companies have different pay structures. Truck drivers can also add certifications to boost their pay.

Economic Rebound

Even though the world’s economy took a hit in early 2020 (due to the ongoing pandemic), the demand for truckers hauling freight is on the constant rise. Surprisingly, online shopping and e-commerce have never been more explored and are only expected to surge in the coming years. The increasing trend in shopping means that more truck drivers are required in the United States to balance out the increasing demand for hauling freight. According to the FTR (Transportation Intelligence) predictions, truckers hauling freight will grow by 6% this year in 2021. This percentage indicates a strong growth rate if we compare the previous percentages year-over-year.

As predicted by the FTR Transportation Intelligence, the freight amount is expected to grow, which means that more truck drivers are needed to meet the need. Currently, the trucking industry within the USA has a shortage of truck drivers, and if this continues to happen, we could be more than 100 thousand truck drivers short by the end of 2023. However, there is good news for the upcoming truck drivers who can excel in the trucking business by taking up the cudgels and getting into the industry. After obtaining their CDL, newbie truck drivers have loads of options to choose from to take off their career. If you search the trucking market, you will find many companies looking for new truck drivers through their advertisements. If you have a truck, you can also start solo after fulfilling certain requirements set by the state’s laws.

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Fast Training

Fortunately, you don’t require a college degree to become a trucking driver, which means you are less likely to pay for debts. The CDL training takes you no more than four weeks, and soon you will be heading into the trucking career. If you are a student, you can get out and start making money quickly. The trucking industry is a fast-growing and constantly-changing industry. As we proceed to move through 2021, more forecasts will become available. A wide range of trucking companies needs truck drivers, such as utility trucks, mixer trucks, tow trucks, freight trucks, dump trucks, etc. If you want to drive the trucking vehicles, you require a Class B CDL.

Typically, students participate in on-the-road and classroom training sessions where crucial topics, such as basic control, safe operating procedures, and vehicle systems are covered. Other range training drills comprise parallel parking, straight-line backing, pre-trip vehicle inspection, and off-set backing. On-the-road training sessions cover space management, shifting, speed, and other vehicle control-related topics. After passing the exams, newbie truck drivers receive a Certificate of Completion and are all geared up to start their truck driving career.  


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