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Vacos launches its first baby monitor

Powered by FHSS (frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) transmission technology, the security camera and the monitor connect to each other from up to 1,000 ft away via their proprietary private signal, without extra Internet access.

Vacos announced the global launch of its first hackproof Baby Monitor, a huge breakthrough offering customers an all-in-one intelligent way to keep tabs on their babies at home remotely.

Private & Hackproof FHSS Technology

Powered by FHSS (frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) transmission technology, the security camera and the monitor connect to each other from up to 1,000 ft away via their proprietary private signal, without extra Internet access. Plug the camera to an outlet, open the LCD monitor to pair the camera for instant stream – no app, no network, no hack, delivering a 100% true hackproof way for every parent to take care of their babies.

All-Around Protection

This smart tech gadget is just more than a baby monitor. It is a Eudemon caring for babies in an all-around way. The sensitive tail line can sense the room temperature and alert parents instantly when the temperature is abnormal. The built-in microphone picks up the slightest voice to alert parents when the baby cries. Parents can play the comforting lullabies via the LCD monitor remotely without going to the baby’s room, or talk to the angel via the two-way audio.

The remote 355° pan & 55° tilt offer the easiest way to customers who want to patrol every corner inside any room with just a single camera. Customers can zoom in to view further details with the 1.5X/2X digital zoom, enjoying the truly all-angle protection like never before.

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View All in One 5” LCD Monitor at 720p Clarity

The large 5” LCD monitor can pair up to 4 security cameras simultaneously. Customers can check on multiple rooms at the same time, like baby’s room, living room, nursery, play room, etc.

The 720p HD resolution delivers extremely crystal live view, enabling parents to view every precious moment without blurry images. With the built-in TF card slot, users can insert an up to 256 GB TF card into the LCD monitor to record the videos for later playback. When there are motion events, the events will be saved to the TF card locally without monthly cloud storage or monitoring fees.

Vacos Baby Monitor – That’s What a Baby Eudemon Should Be

  • 720p HD & IR Night Vision
  • 5” Large LCD Monitor
  • Temperature Detection
  • Voice Detection
  • Two-Way Audio
  • 5 Comforting Lullabies
  • Private FHSS Tech
  • 100% Hackproof Encryption
  • Remote Pan Tilt Zoom
  • Max. 256 GB Local Storage

With the stylish & beautiful design and the cute deer horn accessories, Vacos Baby Monitor fits perfectly in any nursery, on any nightstand or just anywhere at home, adding an extra décor to customers’ home as well as the safest way to take care of their angels.


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