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Devialet unveils Devialet Gemini as company’s first true wireless earbuds

Devialet Gemini wireless earbuds are capable of delivering the pristine audio performance that has made Devialet a leading player in acoustic engineering – to every listener, at every moment.

Devialet announced the arrival of its newest product, Devialet Gemini, the company’s first true wireless earbuds.

Combining outstanding clarity of sound, cutting-edge adaptability and market-leading Devialet Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, and protected by three new patents PBA (Pressure Balance Architecture), IDC (Internal Delay Compensation), and EAM (Ear Active Matching) for uncompromising sound quality, Devialet Gemini offers users a truly unmatched on-the-go listening experience that’s tailored to them.

Devialet Gemini wireless earbuds are capable of delivering the pristine audio performance that has made Devialet a leading player in acoustic engineering – to every listener, at every moment.

Devialet Gemini’s Pressure Balance Architecture (PBA) provides playback with uncompromising sound quality. Cascading decompression chambers inside the product ensure the ideal inner pressure, at all times, without impairing noise attenuation, while each chamber is coated with a custom acoustic mesh to stop external noise from entering the system.

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Two separate microphones in each earbud enhance the signal and ANC while one dedicated microphone in each earbud enhances voice transmission, and high excursion 10mm Devialet drivers offer sensitivity and low distortion for better audio rendering.

Thanks to its proprietary technologies, Devialet Gemini offers best-in-class ANC for an audio experience that’s as immersive as you want it to be. Devialet Gemini’s custom Internal Delay Compensation (IDC) algorithm perfectly compensates for the internal delay generated by a noise cancellation loop, resulting in a significant gain in noise cancellation, especially at higher frequencies.

ANC modes continually remove background noise – from invasive outside distraction to unwanted bass or treble frequencies – and gives you the space you need to focus on what you’re doing, whether it’s listening, working, or talking. Transparency modes give you the option to hear the environment around you while simultaneously listening to your favorite music. They offer a complete hear-through experience, with both microphones working in sync to efficiently transmit external sound.

With 3 levels of ANC and 2 levels of transparency, and using specific digital filters, Devialet Gemini can deliver the sound experience you want at the touch of a button, whether you’d like to enjoy fully-immersive sound, or to hear the world around you.

Developed by Devialet’s award-winning acoustic engineers, Devialet Gemini’s new proprietary Ear Active Matching (EAM) algorithm delivers enhanced signal transmission by adjusting audio signal frequency ranges in real-time, intelligently adapting Devialet Gemini’s sound for an optimal listening experience.

EAM® algorithm measures the shape of the listener’s ear as well as the position of the earphones inside the ear canal, tailoring the signal up to 10,000 times per second to instantly adapt its equalisation, enhancing bass restitution and audio performance seamlessly for a sound that fits every moment.

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Devialet Gemini earbuds have been carefully and ergonomically designed to fit every ear shape. The earbuds can determine which tips are best suited to you in just five seconds via the app, scanning your ears to find the perfect fit to ensure optimal playback and minimise acoustic leakage. With four separate flexible earbud options (XS, S, M, L), there’s an adaptable fit to suit every listener.

A dedicated Devialet Gemini app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, combines ease-of-use with expert features for tailored sound. Users can further personalise their sound using a 6-band equalizer, while an all-in-one touch button with capacitive sensors placed at the surface of the earbuds controls everything from music playback to noise cancelling modes and voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant) support.


Devialet products are renowned for their design innovation and excellence, and Devialet Gemini is no different. Carefully balancing form with function, the nomadic Devialet Gemini’s refined and compact design echoes the precision of the sophisticated technologies inside while still standing out from the crowd in a distinctive, sleek, matte black design.

Visually linked to Devialet’s iconic Phantom series of all-in-one speakers, Devialet Gemini mirrors the signature design of Phantom’s side panels and the speaker’s visually-arresting shape, and reflects the same commitment to sound quality.

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Devialet Gemini’s jewel box boasts soft textured surfacing and a slider that reveals the earbuds with a luxurious touch.


Devialet Gemini is built to last. Alongside superior sound and ANC quality, the product also includes:

  • Over 24 hours of untethered playtime, with over 6 hours with ANC activated in every charge
  • Wireless Qi charging or via the included USB-C cable
  • IPX4 rating to guarantee resistance to dust and water splashes from any direction
  • Qualcomm aptX™ codec support
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity supports pairing with any Bluetooth devices to enjoy music at its finest
  • Fully-replaceable charging case battery
  • Spare parts (left and right earbuds) available to purchase individually


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