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The four biggest advantages of a refurbished iPhone for an entrepreneur

Are you looking for good quality, yet cheap smartphones for all your employees? Then the refurbished iPhone is a good alternative.

Nowadays you can no longer ignore it. The refurbished iPhone is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. This is because nowadays it is no longer a matter of course that you buy everything brand new from the store. People are increasingly aware of their choices, which is why they are switching to a refurbished iPhone.

Refurbished literally means “overhauled”. This means that used iPhones are bought, checked and refurbished before they are made available for sale. This is done by companies that are specialized in the refurbished process. Are you looking for good quality, yet cheap smartphones for all your employees? Then the refurbished iPhone is a good alternative. In this article, we take a closer look at the four biggest advantages of a refurbished iPhone for you as an entrepreneur.

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A significant price saving

The main advantage of a refurbished iPhone is the low price of the device. This is a lot lower compared to a brand new Apple iPhone. As an example, we take the iPhone 6. New in the store, this device easily costs € 250. An iPhone 6 refurbished is currently available for just over € 169. A big price difference that you can easily save, especially when you have to purchase larger quantities for all your employees.

An extensive verification process

A used iPhone has to go through an extensive inspection process before you can speak of a refurbished iPhone. The Apple device is checked at more than 50 different points by repair specialists. They carefully look for any damage or defects. If parts no longer work properly, they are immediately replaced with new, high-quality parts. After that, the devices are again extensively checked. This way, the specialists know for sure that the iPhones are ready to be sold as refurbished.

A long warranty period

Another important advantage of a refurbished iPhone is the warranty. If you buy brand new iPhones, you often only get a one-year warranty. With refurbished iPhones you will soon receive a two-year warranty. The providers stand behind the quality that is delivered, this is because every device must be extensively checked. A long warranty period is ideal when you have to deliver iPhones in large numbers to all your employees. You know for sure that you can fall back on something if something breaks with one of the Apple devices.

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