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Why you should learn JavaScript

You need to understand what JavaScript is, how it works, and its applications in the real-world environment.

JavaScript is one of those programming languages that everybody is talking about. Maybe you aren’t decided whether to learn to code in Java or maybe opt for a less-hyped programming language.

But before you make that decision, you need to understand what JavaScript is, how it works, and its applications in the real-world environment.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic and lightweight programming language used mostly with web pages to introduce interactive elements on the client-side for a lively and exceptional user-experience. As a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language, JavaScript has long been used as a front-end and back-end programming language.

Front-end development refers to the codes meant to run and create what the user interacts with in the browser. On the other side, back end development refers to the codes and commands running to fulfill requests on the server-side. Most programming languages are either back-end (PHP, Python, SQL, etc.) or front-end (HTML, CSS). However, JavaScript cuts across the two and can be used for either purpose.

Uses of JavaScript in the real world go beyond web development. Knowledge in JavaScript allows you to code web and server applications, create fast web servers, or even create custom presentations as a website. JavaScript applications are limited to what you want to accomplish and the number of tools or resources you’re willing to incorporate for development.

Getting Started with JavaScript

Every programming language has its own rules and syntax, which you must learn to work with as you get along. JavaScript is no exception. Most people teach themselves how to code, and while this is cumbersome and quite demanding, getting started and learning through your own mistakes can be quite effective.

So, once you are ready to learn JavaScript, all you need is to decide whether you’ll sign up with an online training course, or you’ll push through the odds and learn to code on your own. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but choosing to learn any programming language with the help or guide from someone who knows better is always recommended. This way, you’ll cut through the clutter, and you can expedite the learning process.

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Coding Bootcamp Vs. Online Courses

While learning JavaScript, you’ll realize there’re huge differences in learning through self-taught online courses, attending a physical class, and signing up for an online coding Bootcamp. The truth is, getting someone to teach you any programming language in person is the most effective but often quite expensive. Self-taught online courses are cheap, but you’ll spend several weeks or even months to learn something that would otherwise take a week or less with coding Bootcamps or physical classes. 

While coding Bootcamps are rapidly replacing the traditional coding academies and physical classes, choosing the best course provider can be challenging. Many wannabe coders are attracted to well-paying tech jobs. However, they must obtain certification for some coding classes, and this high market demand has seen many coding bootcamps emerge. These courses can be offered online or full-time in physical classes. The latter is time-consuming and costly.

Online bootcamps are becoming the go-to option, but they can still be a bit expensive, depending on your budget and your unique expectations. If you’re considering learning Javascript, take advantage of discounts. Financial aid can come in many forms; for example, the G.I. Bill benefits allow veterans to learn to code for free or reduced prices.

Is it Worth Learning?

There are several reasons you would want to learn JavaScript either as the first programming language or as a second or third option. Not only does it compliment your coding skills and professional careers, but it also opens a door for numerous and lucrative opportunities. 

Below are some of the reasons why learning JavaScript is worth the investment.

  • It’s beginner-friendly – In the coding world where one interacts with completely new characters, it’s easy to give in to the prevailing challenges. JavaScript is user-friendly compared to the other programming languages where one has to declare complex variables or follow the complicated syntax.
  • It’s a highly-valuable Skill – Not only are you able to transfer your JavaScript coding skills to other programming languages, but you can also work in a diverse environment that requires coding, problem-solving skills, or development skills. With knowledge in JavaScript, you can become either a front-end or back-end developer. You can also develop mobile/web applications and even build highly-responsive games.
  • It’s scalable – if you want to learn the basic coding rules, you can begin with plain JavaScript as you advance through JavaScript libraries and Framework. The latter contains ready-to-use tools and components, where you can build several elements faster than if you were to code from scratch. 

Closing Comments

When learning JavaScript, you’ll realize that there are a set of coding frameworks and libraries. You can choose to begin with plain JavaScript commonly, “Vanilla JavaScript,” or head straight to the more-advanced JavaScript libraries and Framework. Regardless of where you’ll begin, the end goal is to develop agile JavaScript coding skills.


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