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Tips for a safe and fun road trip

With the current health crisis, many Filipino families are foregoing traditional airplane travel in favor of road trips. If you are one of them, how can you ensure your trip is as safe as it is fun?

The Philippines  has so many amazing places to catch in a vehicle away from the hustle, bustle and traffic of Metro Manila. From Tagaytay to Laguna, La Union to Pampanga or even Batangas, there are so many natural spots vying for your attention.

With the current health crisis, many Filipino families are foregoing traditional airplane travel in favor of road trips. If you are one of them, how can you ensure your trip is as safe as it is fun?

Planning Ahead

There are so many adventures that will tempt you on a road trip to lakes like Taal or beaches like Tali, so to ensure you can undertake all offered activities safely, research into the types of sports and family fun offered in your chosen destinations. These can range from kite surfing to scuba diving, so pack well, and don’t forget to include items such as flippers, footwear for aquatic walking, and of course, sunscreen. Bring your emergency kit as well! 

Car Safety

If you have a choice of vehicles for your road trip or you are considering buying or renting a vehicle for this purpose, then researching via a trusted vehicle comparison site is key. The site should cover key vehicle information regarding aspects such as road safety tech, tire safety, and safety tech such as automatic braking and cruise control features.

Once you have made your choice, check oil levels, belts and hoses, the car battery, tires, and coolant levels. Consider having your car checked by a mechanic so you can  leave home with a confident feeling.

Entertainment For The Road

There are many safe forms of entertainment you can enjoy  without risking your safety. These include music – so have everyone in the family make their own playlist that the whole family can enjoy afterwards. For passengers, items such as books, tablets and personal music players are another excellent way to stay entertained. The driver should keep their eyes on the road, but they can also use technology in a meaningful way.

Mobile apps and GPS systems will help keep your vehicle on the right roads, but even if the driver is experienced, they should stop around every two hours to avoid fatigued driving. Ideally, you should change drivers every two to four hours (as recommended by Goodyear).

Stock Up On Supplies

One of the most fun things about road trips is enjoying everyone’s favorite snacks until you get to your destinations. Choose a variety of foods (salty and sweet) and healthy and ‘cheat’ foods to keep everyone happy. Another thing you should pack in your trunk is a full can of gas. You never know when you might need it, and at least you know you will never get stuck on the road because the next gas station is farther than your research indicated. Also make sure to carry a spare tire and a jack. If you have space, bring two – you never know if you might blow more than one tire because of something sharp on the road.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy a family road trip, and the Philippines certainly has many tempting spots to visit. Safety starts with picking the right vehicle: opt for one with in-built safety features such as automatic braking and cruise control. Finally, bring all the supplies you need to make your trip fun and stress-free, including food, entertainment, and spare parts such as tires. 

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