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Making the move from eBay to an online store – 5 Great tips

If you’re gearing up to make the big move from eBay to an online store, here are five great tips that will make the process smooth.

When you first started selling your products on eBay, there is no doubt that you had hopes of it being a successful venture that would grow over time. And as those hopes have materialized into actual profit and success, you may now be reaching the point where you have outgrown your current business model. While eBay can prove to be a fantastic way to get started and get your products out there, after so much success, it could be that you’re ready for your own online store.

So, if you’re gearing up to make the big move from eBay to an online store, here are five great tips that will make the process smooth.

Ensure You Export All Your Popular Items

The first thing you’ll want to think about is your product offering. While the whole point of transitioning to your own online store may be to increase your product line-up, the favorites should be included. If there are stand-out products that are what helped your business to grow and put you on the path to success, then these need to be exported to your own store. This keeps customers happy and it helps with brand awareness. You can use those trusted products as part of your marketing campaign.

Make Sure Your Storefront Looks Great and Operates Smoothly

Customers will also expect a high-level experience on your site, which means choosing a platform that allows you to create a great-looking storefront that also operates smoothly. The focus always needs to be on the shopping experience and providing the best online customer experience possible. That experience begins the minute they land on your site and lasts until after check out with that “thank you” sale confirmation message. If you aren’t sure how to do this, most basic platforms are a good place to start.

You May Want to Transition Slowly

Some also find that slowly transitioning off eBay works best rather than taking everything off at once. This can help to keep the profits trickling in while you build up your own storefront. Of course, it would be great if you could advertise your online shop on your eBay listings, but this is strictly prohibited and is against the terms of service set forth by eBay. So, you need to tread very carefully.

Advertise Your New Online Shop

Just as you would do with a physical shop that you were opening, you need to advertise and promote your new online shop. Because it exists in the online world, it’s probably best to market through social networks. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn can be a great place to get the word out about your business. 

Within your posts, you can include product images, relevant details and information, engaging and interesting facts, videos, and links to your shop of course.

Expect It to Take Time

The final tip is more about your expectations. Just because your eBay listings may have done well, it doesn’t mean your online shop will be a huge success from the moment it launches. That doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake either; it just means that these things take time, work, and effort on your part as you are essentially creating a brand new online business.

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