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Smart apartments over traditional home amenities: Which one is better?

Embracing new technological innovations in your home is a good thing. They bring more comfort, convenience, and accessibility to your daily life. But these inventions should not control you and should empower you to be more productive.

The modern world today is unceasingly innovating. Almost every month, a new technology comes out to the market. Whether it’s the latest smartphone or smart TV, every invention has a way to advance our work and lifestyle. 

These innovations are continually growing and even invading the heart of our homes. Are you ready to replace traditional home fixtures with smart technology? Despite technology embedding itself into our everyday lives, many are still reluctant to fully embrace these tech innovations in their homes.

But first, let us explore which one will add more comfort and convenience to your life.

Smart Apartments

The invasion of technology in apartments is inevitable. Real estate leaders are beginning to recognize how technology is occupying every aspect of these apartments. The results of Schlage’s Industry insight survey also revealed that millennial renters yearn for these tech upgrades. They are even willing to pay about a fifth more for these smart home features. 

Smart apartments are the future of home living. But what can they significantly do to your living experience? What are their relevant features and characteristics?

These smart apartments are more than just voice control technologies and voice assistants. They are brilliant and built with smart amenities, connectivity, and community management. Through these innovations, you can save time and reduce hassle.

Amenities that smart apartments offer include a smart thermostat, smart locks, and smart lighting. With these features, you can reduce your home worries. You can go to work without doubting whether you locked the door or not. You can rest at night without needing to stand if you forgot to turn off the lights. You can use and save energy without having to adjust the thermostat every time.

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Because of connectivity features, operating and monitoring these apartments are done more efficiently. With smart devices such as sensors and system management boards, it is easier to detect the user’s behaviors and needs. 

Community management also helps managers perform better for their residents. It has built-in platforms such as calendars, direct messaging, assistance for residents, and on-demand home services.

Smart apartments have more than a lot to offer both to the managers and residents. They make transactions and even relationships less stressful and hassle-free. Whether you are the manager or resident, you can benefit from smart apartments in so many ways.

Traditional Home Amenities

Some are hesitant to let go of these traditional amenities at home. They think that conventional living is still better when it comes to strengthening relationships at home. But it’s a common misconception that smart technologies will replace traditional home experience.

The only thing that technology will change is the amenities, which aims to make your living environment better. Regular amenities require more time and effort to do at home. They can contribute more hassle and apprehension to members of the household.

When you go to work and forget to lock the door, you can either turn up late and go back home or worry for the rest of the day. If you have a busy schedule, finding laundry services and paying rent might become a hassle for you. If you forget to adjust the thermostat, it might add more cost to your utility bills. 

These are some of the outcomes of living with traditional home amenities. They are not useless, but if you prefer convenience, shifting to smart apartments can be a great help. Moreover, there is a study about renters preferring smart home technology over traditional amenities. 

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The research found out that these renters go for smart home services such as surveillance cameras, an electronic entry with unique codes for guests, and a security system. They also prefer electronic payment systems rather than writing a monthly rent check. 

The Transition

Shifting from traditional amenities to smart technologies requires some adjustments. While this article highlights the advantages of living in smart apartments, the transition may not be that easy. You also have to learn how these programmable devices work so you can utilize them properly.

Take note that while these smart devices and features can make your living environment better, they do not solve every problem in your home. They can upgrade your home experience, but their potential for efficiency is still up to you. You cannot rely on these devices for every part of your living. At some point, there are several things you still need to do and fix manually. 

Another adjustment is the cost of smart apartments. There might be a possible increase in rent rates and property value. But like any other advancements, the beginning is always the hardest. You need to make sacrifices to experience better results.

However, if you want to snag the best deal on new apartments no matter what your budget is, try to consider and Buy Melbourne Apartments. They have offers and options that may guide and help you with looking for an apartment that will suit your needs.


Embracing new technological innovations in your home is a good thing. They bring more comfort, convenience, and accessibility to your daily life. However, they don’t make you less accountable for your apartment. Your home is still your responsibility. These inventions should not control you and should empower you to be more productive.

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