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How to choose an e-commerce domain name

Choosing an e-commerce domain name can feel like a huge commitment but it’s an important piece of the puzzle.

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How do you choose your e-commerce domain name?

Huemor discusses how your brand can choose your own perfect e-commerce domain name.

  • DON’T use long names; DO embrace brevity: The saying “short and simple” definitely applies when it comes to choosing a domain name! You want your website to be findable and not so long that people risk making typos. Simple names are more catchy and easier to remember, so keep it short.
  • DO give your domain the ability to grow: If possible, you should avoid mentioning specific products or services in your domain: what if, in the distant future, your business moves away from that offering? Your brand name should be your company name and nothing else, if possible. Try not to limit your product scope or focus within the domain name; this will only go against you in the future if you expand your brand’s offerings or focus. Keep it simple and well branded but avoid potential limitations.
  • DON’T use anything other than letters: Hyphens, numbers, and underscores in a domain introduce ambiguity, which makes it harder for customers to find and remember. For example, a brand called “Two times two” can be written as 2×2, two times two, 2 times 2, or two x two. As with all things marketing and business, ambiguity is bad: stay away from it.
  • Be unique: It’s important to do thorough research before committing to a domain name. Make sure it’s not too similar to another brand name in the same industry and check that there aren’t similar ecommerce domain names already performing well on the market. Either of these scenarios would make it seem like you’re infringing on their traffic (or can get you into legal complications), Be unique within your naming and shy away from anything that too closely resembles a competitor.

Choosing an e-commerce domain name can feel like a huge commitment but it’s an important piece of the puzzle. While it can be risky to change your domain as an established brand, it can be done. But, in any case, it is great to get it right the first time around, so take some of the tips above and start brainstorming!

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