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New things to try with your partner during pandemic social distancing

During these delicate times of a global pandemic, it is advisable to limit your usual activities to the comfort of your home as much as possible. This means no going out for coffee or a movie, no shopping, no traveling. To put it simply, you need to stay put and safe. However grim this may appear at first glance, look at the bright side. Staying at home gives you the opportunity to catch up on all the things that have been lingering on your schedule for far too long, to have some well-deserved rest, read, complete a course, focus on your hobbies and most importantly, enjoy more time with your partner.

Today’s hectic lifestyle has made us forget how much fun we can have with our significant others and this would be the perfect opportunity to rekindle old flames. Let’s have a look at some wonderful ideas that’ll make the time fly by while strengthening relationship bonds.

Games Galore

When was the last time you enjoyed playing games at home? You might want to dust off some old board games and give them another go, but you can also take advantage of the advent of technology and surrender yourself to more advanced gaming. If you have a game console at home, there is a myriad of fun things you can play with your partner. The gaming industry has gone to great lengths to make sure there is something to suit everyone’s taste, so grab your joysticks and try your luck and skills in racing, fighting, strategy or, if you’re up to the challenge, some classic adventure games. If you don’t have a console available and can’t rent one, PC games will do just fine. You can even play them on separate screens, online and add a couple of friends to the equation to make it even more interesting. There are enough quizzes, trivia and online card games available to make the evening go by without you even noticing you didn’t go out. 

VR Experiences

If you can’t go out into the world, bring the world inside. The latest VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) gadgets will take you far from the harsh present. Of course, this too can be a shared experience. Current VR applications available are breathtaking and you will surely be spoiled for choice. You can explore world-famous museums, cities, have a safari or play some amazing games as well. What’s more, you can even use this tech to educate yourself further in the field of your interest.

Whatever your choice may be, it is going to be a refreshing addition to your everyday routines. 

Spice up Your Bedroom Activities

Well, you don’t have to confine yourself to the bedroom, but focusing a little bit more on your intimacy will do your relationship a world of good. You might not have had time to dedicate yourself to your partner as much and this is a perfect opportunity to rectify that. Talk to your partner on the topic and open up a bit. This could be the time to explore some other sides of pleasure you might not have even heard about. Surf the internet and see what’s the hottest craze in the boudoir. There are gadgets that will amplify your enjoyment and make your partner (and yourself) more than happy to stay inside and try them all out. You can even take it a step further and throw in some hot VR content so you can enjoy different surroundings and additions to your usual preferences.

The world has paused for a while, but providers of bedroom fun are still more than happy to discreetly deliver to your door.

Cinema in Your Living Room

Finally, there’s some time to watch all your past and future favorites all cuddled up together. Before you immerse yourself in the plot, set the tone for a real movie night. Popcorn, snacks, blankets and cushions, and if you have a projector, you can make a real event out of it. The whole process is exciting, choosing a flick, preparing the munchies, talking about it afterward, staying up ridiculously late binge-watching a show. Why not enjoy it now that you have loads of time on your hands.

Whatever your choice might be, this is a time when we can truly bond with our partners on a deeper level. Now that the noise of our hectic lives has died down, it is the perfect opportunity to put emphasis on one of the most important things in life – those closest to us. 

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