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PayMaya provides safe, convenient channel for BIR tax payments during quarantine 

In response to the call of the Department of Finance (DOF) for Filipinos to pay their BIR taxes via electronic channels in light of the COVID-19 public health situation, PayMaya has announced that it is waiving convenience fees for BIR payments in its app to help taxpayers settle their government dues even while at home. 


With the income tax filing deadline extended to May 15, 2020, many Filipinos who are stuck at home because of the public health situation can pay their taxes early via the Pay Bills section of the PayMaya app on their phone.  


The P20.00 biller convenience fee for this transaction will be waived from March 19 until May 31, 2020 and only applies if the payment is done within the Pay Bills section of the PayMaya app.


Aside from using the app, taxpayers can also make use of online tools such as JuanTax (www.juan.tax) and Taxumo (www.taxumo.com) to help them prepare their tax returns as well as pay their income taxes. These websites are also equipped with PayMaya Checkout, so they can pay via Pay with PayMaya using their mobile numbers or using any credit, debit, or prepaid card. 


“We are heeding the call of the DOF and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to help Filipinos fulfill their obligations particularly for tax payments even while at home as we all grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. By utilizing digital channels like PayMaya for tax payments, buying load, or paying bills, Filipinos can help practice social distancing and help prevent the further spread of the virus,” said PayMaya Founder and CEO Orlando Vea. 


For BIR payments in the PayMaya app, the user can pay a maximum of P100,000 for upgraded accounts or P50,000 for non-upgraded accounts, provided they have not yet transacted using their PayMaya accounts for the month of March. 


To settle their BIR taxes via the PayMaya app, users can simply follow these steps: 

1. Log in to your PayMaya account and click on the “Pay Bills” option. 

2. Look for the BIR logo or type BIR in the search box. 

3. Enter all pertinent details for your tax payment, including your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Branch Code, Amount, Revenue District Office (RDO) Code, Form Series, Form Type, Tax Type, and Return Period. 

4. Finally, enter the email address where you want to receive the receipt for your payment. 

5. Verify the information you entered and click “Pay”.

A notification will be sent via the app, via SMS, as well as via the email address you entered as proof of your payment. 


To be able to Add Money to their accounts during this time, PayMaya recommends transferring money from their bank accounts through Instapay or via the Add Money via Card function in the app, using Touchpay and Pay&Go kiosks where available, or visiting the nearest Smart Padala center in their neighborhood.


To know more about how you can pay your BIR taxes using PayMaya, visit https://www.paymaya.com/support/bills-pay/bir.

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